Visceral horror-punk and gory gothic-rock are the aesthetics and sound of East London’s Saint Agnes. Delivering their debut album 'Welcome To Silvertown' in 2019, Saint Agnes sonically showcased their fiery punk ferocity and sweet pop hooks and visually told the tale of a dark fantasy world in which Kitty A. Austen and Jon James Tufnell immerse themselves and their audience in to shocking effect. They released mini-album 'Vampire' earlier this year, showcasing that Saint Agnes’ disgusting horror-punk trash metal sound, fantastical song writing and bubble gum pink meets jet black visuals are bolder, braver and more immersive than ever before. We spoke to vocalist Kitty and guitarist Jon backstage at the Download Pilot event all about their jaw dropping performance, the characters of mini album 'Vampire' and bringing the new material to the stage at last.