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A turnstile is a very uninteresting thing in and of itself. It lets people into events, stadiums and venues. There isn’t really much else to say about such a thing. The namesake band are anything but. On third album 'GLOW ON', Turnstile expand their sound even further than before, like a successful restaurateur taking over a neglected high street unit. Can the band go even further than the already expansive 'Time and Space'?
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FESTIVAL REVIEW: 2000trees Festival 2019 – Thursday

2000trees is one of our favourite festivals, ever. The 2019 edition had an absolutely stacked line-up and we at Bring The Noise UK spent all three days rushing around like crazy, trying to catch as much as possible. A arrival slightly later than planned, thanks to the ever wonderful traffic coming out of South Wales, meant that we were unable to catch the very start of the festival. However, we managed to cram a load of great bands in and still had an incredible day one!
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