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ALBUM REVIEW: Ithaca – They Fear Us

'They Fear Us' is a glow-up, a total triumph and one of the absolute highlights of 2022, and if people don’t get behind Ithaca now the way they have some others lately, they will be letting themselves down.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Diablo Swing Orchestra – Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole

When heavy metal music was being forged amongst the backdrop of the industry in the Midlands of the UK, it's hard to think that anyone involved thought “I can’t wait until we mix this all with the swing and jazz music that was popular decades ago." It's a sentence that most likely did not manifest from the brains of anyone in Black Sabbath. But in 2003, a fine group of folks from Sweden decided to go all in on this idea, and thus Diablo Swing Orchestra was born. Now, on their fifth album, the band are determined to go so far beyond the original idea that it's hard to fathom. If this is your first experience of the group, strap in for a colourful and unforgettable ride, because you have never heard anything quite like this.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Employed To Serve – Conquering

British metal has lot of wonderful bands who are not dinosaurs, bands who are hungry to succeed and create excellent music. At this time, Employed To Serve might just be conquering them all with their fourth studio album.
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A turnstile is a very uninteresting thing in and of itself. It lets people into events, stadiums and venues. There isn’t really much else to say about such a thing. The namesake band are anything but. On third album 'GLOW ON', Turnstile expand their sound even further than before, like a successful restaurateur taking over a neglected high street unit. Can the band go even further than the already expansive 'Time and Space'?
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The enigmatic hardcore collective return with their third album, following up the brilliant 'ONLY LOVE' from 2018. This time, they have even revealed who is actually playing on the record….or have they? Having officially stepped out of the shadows, do they deliver another boundary pushing release with 'ULTRAPOP'?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism

When we all look back on the year 2020, its probably not going to be a year many of us want to remember much about. It’s a year that has lead a lot of people to despair, defeatism and rage. If you were on the lookout for a record that unapologetically channels that feeling, grindcore God-emperors Napalm Death may have just given us exactly what your looking for.
Deep Cuts

MUSIC FEATURE: Deep Cuts – Deftones

Welcome to our brand new feature series, Deep Cuts! Sacramento, California’s Deftones are first up in this feature, whereby writers bring their favourite, less appreciated gems to the forefront, trying to redress the balance from the big guns. Read on to find out Louis Tsangarides' picks from Deftones' hefty back-catalogue.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Trivium – What The Dead Men Say

Trivium’s ninth, (yes, really) album finds itself in a very interesting position. 'The Sin and The Sentence' was well received, and was accompanied with a monstrous touring cycle backed up by the likes of Code Orange, Power Trip and Venom Prison including an utterly triumphant Brixton Academy show. The question is this: will 'What The Dead Men Say' keep the momentum moving forward rather than careering backwards?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Code Orange – Underneath

Following the absolute monster that their previous record 'Forever' became, Grammy nomination and all, could prove to be a tall order for most, the weight of expectation crushing them like an ant underneath boot. Have Pittsburgh’s finest proven themselves up to the task?
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