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Founder/Editor – Ian Arnold

staff_ian I wish I was Liam Neeson

Favourite Album: Reuben – Very Fast Very Dangerous
Favourite Film: Life Is Beautiful
Best Gig: Alexisonfire – The Astoria
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Deputy Editor – Sophie McLoughlin

staff_sophoegI’m a 22 year old Londoner and currently a Cambridge Masters student. I’m a chief procrastinator who talks way too fast and the Children’s section in Waterstones if my spiritual home. I like to think of myself as a geeky domestic goddess, albeit a slightly pretentious one. If you’re getting the round in, make mine a cider and black. With a straw. My taste in music is almost as changeable as the British weather and I’m not ashamed to say my first gig was the Spice Girls aged 8.

Favourite Album: Glassjaw – Worship And Tribute
Favourite Film: Beauty and the Beast
Best Gig: Gallows at the Old Blue Last
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Founder/Writer – Louise Howells

staff_louBring The Noise founder and occasional reviewer/interviewer. If you’re really lucky you’ll spot something I’ve written tucked away somewhere on the site, but mainly I spend my time encouraging my far more talented friends and colleagues to write something instead. I spend the rest of my time dancing/listening to music, usually spilling gin down myself and looking pretty much out of place at whatever show I’m at. Oh and doing other digital and social media bits and bobs in the music and fashion world that pay my mortgage.

Favourite Album: Minus the Bear – Highly Refined Pirates
Favourite Film: Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back
Best Gig: Way too many to choose from – The Dillinger Escape Plan & Botch in 2000? Cave-In in 2002? Warped Tour 2010? Primavera Sound 2011? Can’t decide!
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New Noise Editors – David Keevill

staff_davidkeevillI was introduced to the darker side of music by Radiohead’s The Bends (still probably my second favourite album of all time), which seems an unlikely candidate for a gateway to the kind of stuff I listen to now. I currently write about all things demented for a few blogs, and devote my days to doing PR related activities. I spend my life hoping to run into Trent Reznor and Zakk Wylde so we can adopt a child in a Three Men And A Baby-type scenario. There can never be enough Steel Panther.

Favourite Album: The Blackening – Machine Head
Favourite Film: LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring
Best Gig: Turbowolf, Hawk Eyes and The James Cleaver Quintet – Upstairs at the HMV Garage
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Film Editor – Jade Turner

staff_jadeturnerI’m a film student in London who really enjoys writing about music and the cinema. I spend most of my free time watching films, and if I’m not at the cinema, you can probably find me at a bar or a gig. I love finding classic old films and discovering brilliant new directors (especially at film festivals), and I have always enjoyed seeing up and coming bands in tiny venues. I also like eating out and drinking cocktails, which was a great excuse for starting my blog!

Favourite Album: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Favourite Film: Dogtooth
Best Gig: Blur, Glastonbury 2009
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Fashion & Lifestyle Editor – Sherin Malick


I have a background in fashion (and politics), but music is, and always will be, my first love. I spend my days running around London in ridiculously high heels, having fun at fashion shows and launches, but then, after a switch in footwear, end my days (as much as I can) at gigs. The smaller the venue, the better, is my motto.

Favourite Album: The Gaslight Anthem: ’59 Sound
Favourite Film: Equilibrium
Favourite Gig: Kings of Leon – Hyde Park – 2011
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News Editor – Olivia Mcloughlin

oliviaI’m a 22 year old recent graduate and primary school teacher-in-training based in the South. A total bookworm, I like to think of myself as the reincarnation of Miss Honey from Matilda. I couldn’t pick a favourite band let alone a favourite genre of music (although I have a special soft spot for Pitbull and reggaeton…) I like margaritas, pugs, religious iconography and Kim Kardashian.

Favourite Album: It’s a toss up between Take This to Your Grave – Fall Out Boy and Arise and Conquer – War Of Ages
Favourite Film: The Princess Bride
Best Gig: Unearth at the Revolution, Fort Lauderdale FL (October 2008)
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Indie & Rock Editor – Stephanie Chase

staff_stephI’d much rather make a mix tape to introduce myself than write a bio, but here it goes. I’m an aspiring writer, living in London, still pretending the 80s never ended. My music taste ranges from indie to metal, but I am the ultimate 80s freak, everything from Duran Duran to Hanoi Rocks. I love going to gigs, especially to check out new bands. Basically, I just live in a little fantasy world, listening to music, going out and dressing up, all whilst pretending I am the love child of Johnny Thunders and Stevie Nicks.

Favourite Album: The Libertines –‘Up the Bracket’ AND every Hanoi Rocks album; I can’t choose
Favourite Film: I like old movies so; ‘Gone With the Wind’, but if I have to go modern its ‘Secretary’
Best Gig: all of the many Babyshambles gigs I attended in 2006
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Metal & Thrash Editor – Iain Currie

staff_iaincurrieA spiritual, soulful man who happens to listen to music that often doesn’t reflect this. I’m 22, a vegetarian and metalhead living in London, where I enjoy such pursuits as going to gigs and drinking (who doesn’t?), although I am originally from Surrey, so moving London has opened my eyes to the possibilities there are past a few metres from my front door. I listen to metal mostly, but to change it up I slap on a bit of Hip Hop or Folk music. I am about to graduate from my Journalism degree at City University London, looking forward to the future.

Favourite Album: ‘Ride The Lightning’ – Metallica
Favourite Film: Pans Labyrinth
Best Gig: Mars Volta at Somerset House
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Pop & Urban Editor – Carly Morris

staff_carlySouthern Soul with an Essex Heart. Photographer, Writer, Thrifter & Aspiring Music Marketing Mogul. I have a ridiculously broad taste in music – anything except some Hard Dance- Snore. Rocker on the outside, Raver in the Middle. I have a knack for discovering new artists & knowing which ones will stick. Party Trick? In my spare time I cook, eat, knit and watch Band of Brothers/Blue Bloods excessively. That Wahlberg is a diamond.

Favourite album: Whitesnake – 1987
Favourite film: Waynes World
Best gig: Alexisonfire (Every one of them)
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Social Media & Competitions Editor – Tamsyn Wilce

staff_tamsynA Television graduate currently residing down south. With a penchant for discovering some of the best new music around and spending every penny traveling to and from shows. If I’m not writing about it, I’m talking about it on the airwaves and getting involved with anything creative that I can. In my spare time I drink too much tea, paint people’s faces and work on my sweet surfing skills, whilst updating you all on my lunch through instagram.

Album: It’s a tie between RIOT – Paramore and Every Kingdom – Ben Howard
Film: Surf’s Up (I have waaaay to many favourites so that’ll do)
Best Gig: Foo Fighters – Milton Keynes Bowl
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Games Editor – Matt Alford

MattAlfordI like rad video games, rad comics and rad music and the word rad. I enjoy long walks in forests, reciting poetry to relative strangers, partying until I hurt myself and having a mullet. I listen to a bunch of stuff including jazz, metal, folk, avant garde Israeli art rock and pop punk. I studied animation for three years which was just enough time for me to realise that I’d rather be doing other things with my time, like sitting at home waiting for Double Fine to make Psychonauts 2. I’m also in a sweet band called Thunderbird 7.

Favourite Album: Violently Delicate by Eatliz or Reuben’s In Nothing We Trust.
Favourite Film: Spirited Away
Best Gig: Gretchen Parlato, London Jazz festival 2011 at Kings Place or The Mars Volta at Somerset House 2009
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Adam Streames

staff_adamstreamesI’m a “writer for hire” from Bournemouth, UK. I am currently working to build a portfolio for future writing qualifications and courses, which feature as part of my life plan over the next few years.I’ve run and written for many online blogs in the past, but only recently discovered that combining my passion for writing with my love of music would create an enjoyable reading experience. I’m now able to truly enjoy doing what I love.My music tastes cover all genres, but I mostly enjoy the poppier side of music, including pop, pop-rock, dance and R&B. I love interesting music videos, discovering unsigned acts and anything the colour orange!

Favourite Album: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
Favourite Film: Star Wars (original trilogy, thank you very much!)
Best gig: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium tour @ Reading, July 2006
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Alex Mills

staff_millsI moved to London having lived in Leeds & Ipswich beforehandbeing immersed in both music scenes and immediately got involved in London. I work and play in music, managing a streaming/downloads service as well as playing guitar for emotive pop-punks Home Advantage. I used to be a super serious hardcore kid until I realised it was time to lighten up, you’ll just as likely see me dancing horrendously drunk to a boyband or r&b tune as you would find me moshing at a hardcore show. I don’t take myself too seriously and just want to have fun. I’m also big in my football, being a long suffering Ipswich Town supporter. Basically, your standard 20-something dude.

Favourite Album: Jimmy Eat World ‘Clarity’
Favourite Film: Dumb & Dumber
Best gig: Too many to mention. My old band’s final show supporting A Wilhelm Scream ranks up there
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Becky Mount

staff_beckymountHello! I’m a 22 year old devout baker living beside the sea (Bournemouth). Studying with the Open University whilst I battle M.E., I moonlight at a lingerie company where I get to hang out with amazing models and write about the pros and cons of big boobs. I once lost Marks & Spencer a LOT of money due to some boob-rage based campaigning. Legend of Zelda addict, I spend way too much time in my red panda kigu and eating steak. I’m horribly pedantic and cannot stand misuse of the English language. And I really love semicolons.

Favourite Album: Poison The Well – Opposite of December/Every Time I Die – Last Night In Town
Favourite Film: Rushmore
Best Gig: Glassjaw at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
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Charlotte Owen

charlotteMy friends and family suffer the annoyance of my obsession with the main love of my life; Music, and I am rarely spotted without an earphone in one ear, much to the dismay of others. By day I am a third year English Literature student (hopefully)wrapping up my degree, or flicking through music magazines, by night I am tapping away on my laptop/listening to new music/at a gig. I was brought up with a diverse range of music genres, ranging from my Father’s Reggae, due to his rather insane belief that he is in fact a son of Bob Marley’s, and my Mother’s love of Alternative Rock. I love a bit of everything when it comes to music, but my main weakness is finding fresh new bands or acts to get excited about, and spread the word. In my dream to become a music Journalist I have written articles for a student website and I maintain two online blogs, as well as grabbing any other opportunity to write about music! I am completely addicted to McCoy’s Salt and Vinegar crisps, I love horror movies, and I am an absolute softie when it comes to animals or children.

Favourite Album: Depeche Mode- Violator, or Nine Inch Nails- With Teeth
Favourite Film: RocknRolla (such a good soundtrack), or anything by Tim Burton.
Best Gig: Manchester Orchestra at Ruby Lounge in Manchester, Andy Hull only gave me his guitar pick!

Cherri Faulkner

I’m 21 and currently reside “up north” in good old Leeds, having moved here predominantly for the music scene. Sort of accidentally got into journalism when I thought I’d try my luck with a few reviews for a local website, and this rapidly expanded into becoming the assistant editor of one and contributing to five different websites. I now combine my passion for music with a passion almost as strong – writing, and I’m having the time of my life :).

Things I love outside of music include anything cute and furry, baking, heels, tattoos and cider. Lots of cider.

Favourite Album: This is a horrible question! Architects; Daybreaker is phenomenal, as is letlive. – Fake History but I think AFI take the title with The Art Of Drowning.
Favourite Film: The Lost Boys, or 10 Things I Hate About You.
Best ever gig: The Cure at Wembley Arena 2008, Any gig letlive have headlined ever, and Architects at (what was) The Park in Peterborough in 2006.

Emma Wallace

emmawallaceGraphic designer, writer, photographer. I listen to music 24/7, I prefer heavy music but I will happily listen to any genre.
I have a passion for all things creative.

Favourite Album: Parkway Drive – Deep Blue, My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Emmy The Great – First Love
Favourite Film: Romeo + Juliet
Best Gig: Parkway Drive – o2 indigo, 07/04/12
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Jen Thomas

staff_jenthomasThe simple stuff: 25, female of the species, a bit goth, tattooed, loves pugs, talks like the Caramel Bunny, hair changes colour every few weeks.

I’ve been writing for 12 years now, freelance for 10, after setting up an online music magazine at the age of 13 (yay, Geocities!) preferring to learn HTML instead of drinking cider down the park like everyone else. Soon started writing for The Fly at 15, followed by Rock Sound, Big Cheese, Alternative Press, AOL Eleven, Disorder, Yahoo, and now Bring The Noise (as Ian asked so nicely).

Previously co-hosted BBC Stoke’s Introducing show, with a love for discovering new music. Unashamed lover of emo, I’ll listen to pretty much anything though.

Favourite Album: Currently: Young Guns ‘Bones’, old favourite: My Chemical Romance ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’
Favourite Film: Run Lola Run
Best ever gig: Too many to choose from! MCR at the Mean Fiddler with DFA 1979 in 2004 was pretty special, as was a tiny Patrick Wolf acoustic gig in Leeds. OK GO always put on an amazing show too, and Skrillex at Brixton Academy was incredible.
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Kathryn Black

kathrynblackI’m an English Literature student from the South of England via Scotland. I can procrastinate for days on end and you’ll normally find me on my new-ish bike that already looks like it’s been through the wars. My favourite place to be is at a festival when a welly/floral mac combo seems like a stylish choice and drinking beer for breakfast is fully acceptable. I’m not ashamed to say my first gig was Finch at the London Astoria in 2005 and, despite my infinite love for the music I grew up to, nowadays my music taste ranges from Bastille to Beyonce.

Favourite album: Bleed American – Jimmy Eat World
Favourite film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Best Gig: Every time I have seen Frank Turner
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Kim Martinez Meakins

kimberlyTrained Psychologist and Counsellor trying to get through each day by tweeting random rambles all day long. Music obsessed (that goes without saying), gin and sambuca keeps me sane and I have broken various bones whilst getting all sweaty at gigs (thank you Cancer Bats and Gallows, it was well worth it!). I suffer from pogonophilia. I love Brand New, La Dispute, Refused, tattoos, cats, red hair dye and anything with peanut butter will be licked.

Favourite Album:Déjà Entendu by Brand New
Favourite Film: The Little Mermaid
Best Gig: Deftones in Leeds Academy in 2010, perfect set list or Brand New Manchester Academy Feb 2012. I even cried like a groupie.

Lianne Hare

staff_lianne20 something southerner living in Yorkshire. I spend my time adventuring around the north and finding new venues and bands up here. I love everything from Hardcore to Country, there’s not much you won’t be able to find on my Ipod.

Favourite Album: Bon Jovi – New Jersey
Favourite Film: Breakfast at Tiffanys
Best Gig: AFI & Stampin Ground played the Mean Fiddler years ago. It was one of the greatest gigs at one of my favourite venues (RIP).
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Lucy Sanderson

Lucy SandersonI’m a sparkly, colourful creature that lives a life guided by the sage words of Dr. Seuss and Jeremy off ‘Peep Show’. My butterfly brain and natural disposition for indecision results in the most sprawling of tastes when it comes to music, film and what to have for tea. It also means that I’m found down the pub watching the football with a pint one moment, then rummaging for dresses in charity shops and baking cakes the next. My most favourite things include Pickled Onion Monster Munch, tattoos, Alan Partridge, kicking massive piles of leaves and mewing at kittens.

Favourite Album: ‘Watch Out!’ – Alexisonfire
Favourite Film: Amelie
Best Gig: New Found Glory request show at Manchester Club Academy
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Megan Hobart

staff_meganhobartTwenty something arts graduate from Essex. Lover of all things creative from film to art, fashion to music, cooking to literature. Guilty pleasures include an unhealthy love for trash tv and an obsession with the Daily Mail website! Probably spend far too much time drinking wine. Wish life was like a disney film where animals could talk and people randomly burst into song. Best cut down on wine though or things could get a bit strange!

Favorite Album: Incubus – Morning View
Favorite Film: At the moment, Book of Eli
Best Gig: I’m seeing Rammstein at the o2 tomorrow so i’m sure that will claim top spot
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Sarah Elkins

staff_sarahelkinsI’m Sarah. Proud Camdenite and lover of anything to do with My Chemical Romance, but don’t let that put you off! My taste in music is pretty varied, from Eminem to The Smiths, Katy Perry to Gallows, basically the sublime to the ridiculous. I studied film at university and believe you can love a terrible film as long as you know it’s terrible. I’m addicted to social media, Tumblr in particular, so it’s lucky I get to do it as a day job. I’m also a tattoo fiend and if I like something I’ll get it tattooed, which explains why I have a number of Lost references scattered over my body and probably more MCR tattoos than anyone in existence.
Favourite Album: It depends what mood I’m in but anything from My Chemical Romance. I’m going to go with Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

Favourite Film: It’s a tie between Sunset Boulevard and The Crow
Best Gig: My Chemical Romance – Hammersmith 2010. I met the band and heard songs from Danger Days live for the first time.
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Skye Portman

staff_skyeI’m the photo boff&peanut butter hogger, living off no sleep whilst trying to live the dream. I’m the one that loves to photograph, review bands, live music and other odds and ends too!
Born and raised in Derby, I moved to the London side of town to open the photography doors wide open like a beast but realistically my little toe is doing the job (and doing a grand one it is!)
No matter how long it will take to get the sugar coated dream, I’ll always (hopefully) be part of the Bring The noise family (unless there’s a restraining order, of course!)

Favourite Album: Sigur Ros – Takk
Favourite Film: High Fidelity
Best Gig: Enter Shikari, Electric Ballroom 2011
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Sophie Pengelly

staff_sophie_pI’m Sophie, and as much as I’d like to say I’m from Tokyo, I’m from Cardiff, South Wales. My favourite band on earth is Of Mice & Men, but my secret guilty pleasure is One Direction. As embarrassing as it is, I absolutely love them! I go to far too many gigs, eat far too many Kinder Eggs and spend far too much time stalking band members over the internet. I’m also very proud of the fact that I’m part of the apparent 2% of the world’s population that can lick their elbow.

Favourite Album: The Hollow by Memphis May Fire, masterpiece!
Favourite Film: Napoleon Dynamite
Best Gig: Brand New at Cardiff Great Hall, 17/02/12
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Nicola Craig

NicolaCraigLiving in the sleepy seaside town of Bournemouth there isn’t much for me to do apart from to attend the local gigs in the area which lead me to where I am today. Music and writing are two of the few things which keep me sane and my life (as sad as it sounds) revolves around them! My music taste is pretty eccentric from the likes of The Killers to Rita Ora to Madness, I’m open to all music genres and never judge before I check it out. You’re likely to hear me talking about Kids in Glass Houses a lot, since they’re my favourite band and if you can’t deal with that it’s best we don’t talk. I’m a very passionate person and everything I take on I put my heart into it. I strongly believe hard work and determination is the key to success.

Favourite Album: Kids in Glass Houses- Smart Casual
Favourite Film: Mean Girls since it’s the film all my generation can relate to (and quote!)
Best Gig: Florence and The Machine, Bournemouth O2 Academy, 18th September 2009.
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Jessica Tagliani

JessicaTaglianiI grew up in London so I always count myself incredibly lucky that so many bands I listened to and admired always rolled through the city; during my A-Levels, my parents were constantly despairing as I would abandon my books and go off to a gig. This happened pretty much every week yet I somehow managed to end up at the University of Brighton studying English Language and Linguistics. Most of the time, you’ll find me with my head in either a music magazine or a course-related book, or on my laptop listening to new bands and finding their EPs/albums to download. And like most people on the site, I’d love to become a music journalist — but if that doesn’t work out, then as long as I’m working in the music industry, I think I’ll be pretty content.

Favourite Album: Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, This War Is Ours and Escape the Fate all by Escape the Fate.
Favourite Film: The Last Unicorn and anything made by Studio Ghibli.
Best Gig: Escape the Fate at the Islington O2 Academy in January 2011, and Mallory Knox at the Camden Barfly in July 2011.
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Nick Francis

NickFrancisWAZZZZZZZUP, I’m Nick and I am a HUGE music lover. I plan to become an A&R guy and work my way up to hopefully run a big successful label someday. Well that’s the plan at least! I’ve a big passion for traveling and I also am really in to health and fitness. Look after your body and it will look after you and all that.

Favourite Album: Limp Bizkit’s Significant Other, Snow Patrol’s Hundred Million Suns or Imogen Heap’s Ellipse album
Favourite Film: I absolutely love a good motivational, inspirational, feel good movie. Something like Seven Pounds, Into The Wild or Patch Adams.
Best Gig: City & Colour in Cardiff.
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Ben Gibson

staff_bengibsonPhotographer, originally hailing from the sunny holiday destination of ‘artlepool. Lover of trainers, owls, and food. ALL THE FOOD

Favourite Album: Grey Britain – Gallows, probably.
Favourite Film: Up
Best Gig: Gallows Grey Britian show, or Foo Fighters, Dingwalls. Probably
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Gemma Bell

staff_gemmabellI’ve been scrambling my way to the front of gigs with a dodgy old camera from the age of 14! 13 Years on my camera isn’t as dodgy, and thankfully I’m now on the safer side of the barrier! But the love for it remains the same, and I still get the same buzz that I did all those years ago! Knowing you’ve captured the essence of the band and the night in one shot is my favourite feeling.

Favourite Album: Deftones – Diamond Eyes
Favourite Film: Requiem for a Dream / Amelie
Best Gig: Pantera / Download Festival 2007
Twitter :

Graham Berry

A northerner hiding out in the south.
I shoot mainly weddings and portraits now, but music photography was my first, and is still my biggest passion, shooting Roller Derby comes a close second.

Favourite album: Currently- B. Dolan- House of Bees vol 2.
Of all time- Texas Is The Reason-Do You Know Who You Are.
Favourite film: Amelie. Oh and Up. And Full Metal Jacket. And Aliens. And…….
Best gig: Clutch. Anytime I’ve seen them.

Mike White

staff_mikewhiteI’ve always loved a great photograph. There’s something special about capturing a moment in time and sharing it with other people. In my day job I’m involved with television, a lot of it live broadcasting and day to day I never really know whether it’s going to be quiet or crazy. Either way after a long day in the office I’m always looking for some kind of release and for me the best release has always been a live gig. The music, the lights, the atmosphere all make a gig a special place to be and I love being in that pit at the front capturing some special moments.

Favourite Album: Incubus: If Not Now, When?
Favourite Film: Leon.The.Professional
Best Gig: Deftones @ Brixton
Twitter :