MUSIC FEATURE: Standing By The Scene – Doing Your Bit To Support Music Through COVID-19 (Part Two)

Everything’s a bit weird right now isn’t? We at Bring The Noise UK hope you’re all being safe and looking after each other. Speaking of looking after people, now’s the time we could really look after the bands we love. So how can we all help the artists whose music has helped us through our hard times and been a soundtrack to the best night of our lives, now that they need us? You can support them. There’s a range of options available to musicians and you can help spread the word or help them by giving to these fund directly, or just making sure you spin the band’s records on Spotify a few extra times this month. Here’s some ways you can help...
Music Reviews

ALBUM REVIEW: Orchards – Lovecore

When done absolutely perfectly, a good pop bop can melt anyone's heart, and get them moving to the beat, from the most grizzled of metalheads to the stuffiest of connoisseurs. Getting that formula right is an art in itself, but with their debut album 'Lovecore', Brighton alt-pop band Orchards make it look almost easy.

EP REVIEW: Orchards – Losers/Lovers

Brighton based quartet Orchards have just released their Losers/Lovers EP via Big Scary Monsters. Produced by Thomas Le Beau Morley, the EP touches upon everything from love, loss and mental health in a sincere and special way.

MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Orchards

Brighton-based alt-pop quartet Orchards have a busy time ahead of them this month, with the release of their new EP 'Losers/Lovers' imminent and forthcoming live dates. We caught up with the quartet to hear their top tips and stories from the road, from backdrop related injuries to being saved by their tour manager in Germany.
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