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With a discography of chart topping studio albums, from debut full-length 'Take Off Your Colours' to sixth record 'VI', it seems on their seventh effort You Me At Six are setting out down their own path. The explosive 'SUCKAPUNCH' sees them deliver a renewed sound, travelling far and wide into uncharted dance, hip-hop and R&B territory, all whilst retaining their synonymous melodic pop, indie and rock identity.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Deftones – Black Stallion

Deftones’ 'Black Stallion' feels like it had a bar that was set so high for itself, that it simply doesn’t manage to break it. Even so, with so many approaches and such a variety of sounds and soundscapes, there’s bound to be something here for everyone to enjoy.
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Yorkshire born and bred singer YUNGBLUD is no stranger to speaking out for the masses, using his highly influential platform, position and power as one of the biggest solo singers in the alternative music sphere. Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, he's shouted loud and proud about social injustices felt hardest by the youth of today. Once again, this 23-year old voice of a generation is transmitting this very pepped-up rage and justified rebellious attitude towards the major issues of the world, not to mention his own deeply personal struggles, on his lyrically empowering and musically eclectic second studio album, 'weird!'.
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EP REVIEW: Babyteeth – Knock Yourself Out

Babyteeth are an up-and-coming hard rock band on the scene, taking catchy as hell pop melodies and putting a whole load of distorted guitars on the top. Here's what we thought of the band's debut EP, 'Knock Yourself Out'...
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