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MUSIC FEATURE: Behind The Noise – Jonny Ong

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonny Ong blends jazz, folk and rock in his latest single 'Fools', an emotional track about lost love that also pays homage to The Beatles. We caught up with Jonny to find out more about the track and accompanying video, including the writing process, themes and behind the scenes stories. 
Five Minutes With

MUSIC FEATURE: Five Minutes With…The Winter Passing

Dublin quintet The Winter Passing are ready to make waves with their new album 'New Ways Of Living', released later this week via Big Scary Monsters. Heavily influenced by 90’s/early 00’s music including 90’s punk, emo, indie rock, garage and Brit pop, expect to feel a rush of nostalgia with a fresh twist when you get hold of the band's latest record. We caught up with bassist/vocalist Rob Flynn to discuss the band's formation, what their aim to achieve, growing up in a musical household and more. 


Crossfaith are breaking new ground with their latest 'SPECIES' EP, experimenting with 90s rave elements on the likes of 'Endorphin' and even surprising fans with their first ever Japanese lyrics, courtesy of Jin Dogg who guests on their latest single 'None Of Your Business'. We caught up with the band to discuss their new EP, what it's like to release music during a global pandemic, live stream plans and more. 

Black Lives Matter: Current Black Artists Who Should Be On Your Radar

In the wake of the protests in the US and political unrest the world over, we at Bring the Noise UK wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the best Black musicians in music. We have been doing this in a series of articles, the first of which highlighted legends throughout history. This second part of the series features some of the greatest Black musicians in the alternative music scene today.
Behind The Noise


German indie-rock quartet KID DAD have revealed a video for their brand new single 'Limbo', a taste of their forthcoming debut album 'In A Box'. Written on a trip that vocalist Marius Vieth took to London, the track sees a collaboration with Welsh singer-songwriter Sarah Howells (Bryde) and is about being “caught between uncertainty and fear, searching for something real to hold on to, in search of hope,” in particular highlighting the surge of domestic violence cases amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We caught up with vocalist Marius Vieth to find out more, including the writing process, themes and accompanying video. 


Not wanting to wait any longer and give their fans new music, Aussie metal outfit Make Them Suffer have digitally released their fourth studio album 'How To Survive A Funeral' ahead of its physical release next month. We caught up with guitarist Nick McLernon to find out more, including the recording experience, his favourite lyrics and his dream collaborations.

Black Lives Matter: Legendary Black Musicians Who Helped Shape Rock ‘n’ Roll History

In the wake of the protests in the US and political unrest the world over, we at Bring the Noise UK wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the best Black musicians in music. We are going to do this in a series of articles, this first one being about legends throughout history. This article goes through music history, starting in the 1930s, and names some of the most influential and important Black artists to whom we owe so much. Watch out for part two, coming soon!

SHE MADE ME TOUCH THE MACHINE: Celebrating 20 Years of ‘White Pony’

There’s a lot of 20 year anniversaries approaching for classic and “classic” albums from the much maligned nu-metal genre in the next year or so. 'Infest', 'Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water', 'Toxicity', 'Hybrid Theory' and 'Iowa' are but a few that will be reaching that landmark. An album that managed to shake off the nu-metal label and become an all-time great in alternative and heavy music is 'White Pony' by Deftones. 'White Pony’s use of trip-hop, hip-hop and experimental rock, alongside some incredibly atmospheric imagery helped shape an entire generation of heavy music and remains an absolute powerhouse to this day.


London-based synth-rock outfit KYROS are pushing the boundaries on their third studio album 'Celexa Dreams'. Experimenting with eighties pop elements reminiscent of Depeche Mode and Kate Bush, combining them with Muse and Porcupine Tree-inspired progressive alt-rock, and exploring some very dark and honest themes, the quartet have created a very deep and multi-layered record. We caught up with vocalist/keyboardist Adam Warne to find out more about the tracks that make up 'Celexa Dreams'... 
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PATRÓN, the desert groove rock project fronted by Loading Data frontman Lo (aka PATRÓN), made their mark last month with the release of their self-titled debut album. In the run up to the release PATRÓN revealed a series of live sessions, the last ever to be recorded at Alain Johannes' legendary studio 11AD in Los Angeles where the band's album was produced. Featuring Nick Oliveri on bass, Joey Castillo on drums, Aurélien Barbolosi on guitar, Lo Patrón on vocals and electronics, and also Alain Johannes on guitar, we caught up with the frontman himself to find out more about the second single from the album, 'Who Do You Dance For?'.
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