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ALBUM REVIEW: LOVEBITES – Electric Pentagram


LOVEBITES are fresh off the back of a support slot with Dragonforce last month, in a year which saw them wow crowds at both Download and Bloodstock, as well as winning ‘Best New Band’ at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards back in 2018. But can this power metal act keep the momentum going with their third album, Electric Pentagram?

LOVEBITES represent a much-needed injection of imagination to the somewhat tired power metal sub-genre. They exploded onto the scene in 2017 with their self-titled EP, so well-received by their label that they decided to remaster it and press copies straight away after signing them. They drew the attention of metal giants Dragonforce and Halestorm, the former of which took them on tour last month, and the latter of which invited vocalist Asami to duet on their namesake, Love Bites (So Do I) during Halestorm’s Download set in 2019. It’s really refreshing to see these ladies slay and shred amongst such massive household names – and hold their own whilst doing so. 

Electric Pentagram opens with Thunder Vengeance, an instant classic of power metal, with epic drum fills expertly played by Haruna and a breakdown which could hold its own amongst the rest of them. Holy War is the first album standout, with some strings and a very nice shred-y guitar solo. 

Lead single When Destinies Align sees the band sword fighting and shredding in evening gowns in the video – something which we should all definitely be here for. The song itself is another highlight, with the guitar solos shared between Miyako and Midori who battle between themselves halfway through the song’s six-minute run time. 

There is no let-up in this album, with what is undeniably the best tune, A Frozen Serenade, coming in immediately after. It takes itself slightly more seriously than some of the sillier power metal elements on the rest of the album, a move which really pays off. The chord progression is more sinister, with an absolutely killer chorus. This really promises to be one of the highlights of live sets in the future. There’s also a really random acoustic guitar section in the middle which makes this song standout as one which fully explores the band’s versatility and range. 

Another way in which LOVEBITES show us their imagination is with The Unbroken, a song which makes good use of a swung rhythm, which shouldn’t really work with this type of metal but it really does. 

Overall, this album absolutely slaps. LOVEBITES both treat the power metal genre with respect, bowing metaphorically to those who have come before them one minute, before totally turning it on its head the next. Essential listening for a band who are truly earning their place in amongst metal royalty.


Standout Tracks: A Frozen Serenade, When Destinies Align, Holy War

For Fans Of: Dragonforce, Iron Maiden, Helloween.

Written by: Rosie Esther Solomon


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