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MUSIC FEATURE: Life On The Road With…Bandaid Brigade

Bandaid Brigade 2020

The name Bandaid Brigade may be new  to you, but you will be familiar with the faces behind the project. Featuring members of PEARS, Scorpios, Arm Chair Martian and The Gamits, Bandaid Brigade released their debut album I’m Separate this month and will celebrate with UK and European tour dates over the next couple of weeks. We caught up with Zach and Brian ahead of the dates to hear their top tips and stories from the road.

Favourite thing about touring:

Finally getting to connect with our audience face to face. It’s weird. Only attractive people listen to this band, which is just as well, because who has time for the uglies?

Least favourite thing about touring:

Not really getting to enjoy the experience of travel. Between all of the autograph signings, photographs with strangers, and guitar lessons that we’re giving for $2,000 per session daily, we don’t ever have the chance to take in a sunset, drink a coffee or curl up with a good book.

Five essentials for the road:

A Van. A  van is instrumental in getting from gig to gig, city to city, and so forth. Good luck trying to tour without one of these!

Money. To purchase most things, you’ll find that many places require money to leave with items from the store. From anything ranging from food, gas or just a good time, you’ll find that money is an invaluable resource.

Guitar Lessons (exclusively from Zach and Brian). Reserve your time slot today! $2,000 deposit required, along with an additional $2,000 allowance for incidental costs. Returned upon completion of the instrument.

“Cool” Clothes – Everybody’s crazy about a sharp dressed man! “Cool” clothes can help people take you more seriously, and compensate for whoever you are, or your inability to play guitar. Again, lessons available. Cool clothes can also help you have sex.

Contrary to popular belief, there are only four essentials for touring.

Your favourite way to pass the time:

Looking for Brian’s keys, and asking people if they’ve seen Alex’s wallet.

“The Most”

Memorable moment:

When Brian’s wife left him.

Hilarious moment:

Only a few days ago, we were driving through a ferocious winter storm in the pacific northwest. Paul was driving the van which proved to be difficult with the weather conditions, pulling a trailer, and cargo trucks nearly toppling us over at every turn. We stabbed him in the thigh with a pencil!! He was visibly upset and even decided to pull over so he could apply pressure to the wound. It took a while, but in the end, we all know that Paul thought it was hilarious too.

Embarrassing moment:

We actually haven’t felt embarrassed in a long long time. But we have felt embarrassed for others. Such as the people who don’t understand the importance of guitar lessons (make an appointment today!)

Outrageous moment:

When Erich Goodyear asked the grocery attendant “What do’yall put in the seafood salad?….then the man said “What?” Then Erich repeated, “What do’yall put in the seafood salad?”  It was truly outrageous.

Drunken moment:

Any one of the many drives.

Rewarding moment:

Watching all of these attractive people shaking they fine asses all over the place, every damn night.

See Bandaid Brigade live at one of the following dates:


Wed 29th – SURREY, UK – The London Stone
Thu 30th – LEEDS, UK – Wharf Chambers
Fri 31st – EDINBURGH, UK – Banshee Labyrinth


Sat 1st – DUNDEE, UK – Rad Apples
Sun 2nd – STAFFORD, UK – Red Rum
Mon 3rd – EXETER, UK – The Cavern
Tue 4th – LONDON, UK – New Cross Inn
Wed 5th – CANTERBURY, UK – Lady Luck Bar
Fri 7th – MECHELEN, BE – De Club
Sat 8th – LENNESTADT, DE – OT Grevenbrück
Sun 9th – SOLOTHURN, CH – Kofmehl
Mon 10th – ZURICH, CH – Hafenkneipe
Wed 12th – LINZ, AT – Sputnik
Thu 14th – ZWIEZEL, DE – Jugendcafé
Sat 15th – SAARBRÜCKEN, DE – Devils Place


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