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MUSIC NEWS: Slipknot Announce Details Of ‘Day Of The Gusano’ DVD

Slipknot New 2014

Having premiered at cinemas across the world earlier this month, Slipknot fans are now able to purchase their very own copy of the band’s documentary Day Of The Gusano, due for release on DVD, BluRay and digital formats on the 20th October via Eagle Rock.

The documentary was directed by Slipknot’s very own M.Shawn Crahan, AKA Clown, and documents the band’s first ever visit to the country in December 2015, featuring interviews with Slipknot members talking about the importance of their fanbase and the band’s long awaited first ever show in Mexico City.

“Slipknot still has dreams for itself,” Clown says. “Finally playing Mexico was one of them. It’s been a surreal life of rock and roll for Slipknot and the fact that the dreams still go on for us is simply incredible. Thank you.”

Day of The Gusano’s live tracklisting is as follows:

The Heretic Anthem
The Devil In I
Me Inside
Wait And Bleed
Before I Forget
Spit It Out
Metabolic / 742617000027
People = Shit
Surfacing / Til We Die

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