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ALBUM REVIEW: Don Broco – Automatic

Don Broco 2015

Oh yes, this is just what we needed. Don Broco, the cheeky chappies from Bedford, are about to release Automatic, an album that is sounding like one of 2015’s summer favourites that’ll see the band well on their way to mega stardom.

Sneaking on to the British alternative scene alongside the likes of Mallory Knox and Lower Than Atlantis, Don Broco’s lad-rock has always stood out from its peers. Rob Damiani’s deep, sultry voice is a far cry from the Americanised whine that a lot of bands veer towards and their music has always maintained an upbeat, positive energy.

Keeping up that positivity, Automatic is better than we had imagined. It’s a poppy, fun and sexy album and is as much about letting your hair down and enjoying life as it is about relationships and feelings.

Automatic – the title track of the album – is an absolute gem of a pop song and there’s a reason it’s been chosen as the first song to get released. It’s just as suitable for hip-shaking as it is for head-banging and, dare we say it, moshing. It’ll no doubt provide many a festival highlight for kids at their first festivals this summer.

Fire is the proud owner of the best sing a long on the album and we’ll give you a fiver if you manage not to get the catchy chorus stuck in your head all day. Sounding totally different, What You Do To Me sounds like it’s going to be a token acoustic track but actually gets all groovy and bassy. Every track sounds different to the last and it’s constantly exciting.

Playing with the humour behind an all round ridiculous aspect of society, I Got Sick is a silly attack on today’s social media culture. “My heart beats for the thrill of watching you. Where you’ve been, what you’ve had to eat, I’m always watching you,” Rob croons. It’s an upbeat song but it manages to sound fun whilst pointing out how weird it is that absolutely everything – including this! – is shared online these days.

The album is still unquestionably a Don Broco album but it’s obvious how much the band have developed. The main difference between this album and the last is the obvious presence of two varying vocals. Superlove, the latest song to have a video released, centres around drummer Matt Donnelly’s high-pitched chorus and the contrast with Rob provides the same sort of irresistible appeal that We Are The Ocean and Alexisonfire had in their heyday.

Keep on Pushing and Nerve are fairly far away from what you might expect of a Broco track. They aren’t the most exciting songs on the album, making the band sound more like a 00’s boy band than set for stardom rock stars, but they provide a synthy, chilled out contrast to the cheery, unfaltering fan-pleasers.

Unsurprisingly, the final track on the album Further is incredible. It soars and soars and soars, packed full of electronic sounds, dancing bass lines and emotive vocals. Sounding a little like Paramore’s Feeling Sorry and a lot like Young Guns, a band they supported through Europe, it’s everything a great, emotion-stirring rock song should be.

Tracks from early on in the band’s career (Actors, Beautiful Morning) started to show the direction the band wanted to go in from the outset and this album has achieved that goal and then some. The deluxe version even includes You Wanna Know and Money. Power. Fame, arguably the band’s two best singles so far.

With an album like this it’s only a matter of time before DB are headlining massive venues and even bigger festival stages up and down the country. It’s an absolutely cracking choice of summer album for pop fans and rock fans alike to super-love (sorry!) and it couldn’t have been released by a cooler bunch of boys.

We better grab ourselves a ticket to their Brixton Academy show on December 13th now!


Standout Tracks: Automatic, Further

For Fans Of: Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis, You Me At Six

Written by: Kathryn Black

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