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ALBUM REVIEW: Bloodshot Dawn – Demons

Bloodshot Dawn

Whoever said rock is dead clearly hasn’t spent much time in the UK, where a plentiful bounty of up and coming acts are building solid reputations and followings in equal measure. Moreover, many of these young bands are utilizing the thoroughly modern concept of crowd funding to further their artistry, and one of the most anticipated such albums is Bloodshot Dawn‘s latest release Demons.

The melodic death metal quartet have carved a name for themselves as one of UK metal’s favourite sons, and recently their rise has become meteoric. Promotion from the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival to the main Ronnie James Dio Stage in just two years, and a well regarded self-titled debut record have certainly given them a real boost; but it is their exceptionally intense and consistently brilliant live performances that have proved the pivotal factor in their emergence at the top of the UK metal underground. It is therefore wonderful to report that that energy and tremendous raw talent really shines on the new album.

The ferocity is definitely there. Josh McMorran and Benjamin Ellis combine vocally and on guitars to provide a sound of brute force that bounds from the speakers and captivates the listener’s ear, refusing all complacency. From the moment opening track Smoke and Mirrors kicks in the feeling is one of a high speed, white knuckle ride. In all honesty even if you were just sticking the album on to have some music in your ears and you weren’t planning on getting too involved with what you were listening to, you can’t help but be totally enthralled by the rich, full sound showcased here.

What makes this such an engrossing record is the combination of quite pristine production quality and expertly skilled musicianship. Bloodshot Dawn are not an extreme metal band who simply thrash out a couple of minutes of brutal music with minimal depth simply to elicit a joyful bang of the head; each track on this album is stuffed with layers that sees the listener take a unique journey each time a different song begins. Both guitarists shred and solo masterfully while dread-locked bassist Anthony Ridout provides both tonal and meaningful depth, especially in great solo spots such as on Unified and Inadequacy. Meanwhile drummer Janne Jaloma drives both the pace and the passion of the group, his frenetic work infusing the album with a persistent adrenaline surge that keeps you buzzing, even after the final song has concluded. He is especially notable in his machine gun assault on Black Hole Infinity.

Picking a single highlight is impossible because this is simply one of the fullest albums of real quality to come along in 2014. There are so many different things going on in each individual number that the entire listening experience is one of the most eclectic you can hope to have. The various shifts, solo spots and breaks give each song its own multifaceted story, and with the crisp clarity of the album’s production each tiny cog in this thunderous metal machine is right there in your ears. Every detail of this master work is on full display, and the result is a remarkable heavy metal record of inspirational genius.


Standout Track: Listen to the whole damn album!

For fans of: Deals Death, Sacred Mother Tongue, Scar Symmetry

Written by: Michael Dodd

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