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dirt band

Who: dirt

Where: London, United Kingdom

What: Clear, definitive evidence of how years of hard work can finally pay off.

About:  The word ‘dirt’ may not have the cleanest of connotations, but to us, it implies integrity, a bit of grit and determination, as well as a keen desire to get stuck in. Thankfully, these associations pretty much sum up the new band of the same name, hailing from the ashes of other UK-based talent.

The five guys, based in London – but in actual fact representing a broad cross section of the nation – may well have only broken onto the scene very recently, but things have been bubbling away under the surface for what seems like an eternity. Their quest to fill various positions demonstrates that they’re not willing to just settle – they are indeed perfectionists in the purest form. Despite featuring ridiculously capable former members of bands (such as the Birmingham based Taking Hayley and the lesser known Liverpool outfit Mercury Midnight), the whole thing was kept super hushed up until lately in order to really make an impact with their first offering, Fade.

Verdict: If you’re going to shroud yourselves in a cloak of mystery for a long time, you sure as hell ought to make sure it’s justified. Thankfully, dirt bring a breath of fresh air to the British scene which was worth the wait, and which will make them absolutely and categorically impossible to ignore. If you like gang vocals and people who can actually play their instruments, this could well be the band for you. Don’t be tricked by the name – with a tight competence and ability clear from both their sound and attitude, this is a band that screams of much needed professionalism for the industry. Melodic, haunting, catchy, raw – and yet technically clean and intricate – dirt are a plethora of contradictions in the very best of ways, and it’s their willingness to blend these styles so perfectly that prove they really aren’t messing around. Influenced by everyone from Emarosa to Linkin Park, the three tracks we have heard pack such a punch that we can’t help but stick them on repeat, over and over again.

Their recent uploads have caught the attention of a growing fan base through social media, to an impressive extent. Sure, this might not mean anything to you at the moment, but why not see for yourself? They may not be on your radar right now, but with some of the UK’s biggest Alternative clubs all set to feature their music, a London headline show in the pipeline, an EP, and a music video directed by the one and only Daniel Broadley (the guy behind videos from the likes of Don Broco and Deaf Havana to name but a few), they’re going all the right ways about getting noticed – and it’s seeming to work!

We don’t doubt for a second that if these guys want something, they’ll go out and get it. Luckily, they want it – badly – so just watch this space.

For Fans Of: Alexisonfire, Emarosa, 30 Seconds To Mars

Top Tracks: Fade

Find Them: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Watch Them:

Written By: Claire Louise Sheridan

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