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GAME NEWS: Gamescom Playstation Roundup

Today in Cologne, Sony put in a very strong showing at Gamescom, the less-hyped but equally-if-not-more important version of E3. It’s a battleground of pure gaming goodness and we’re bringing you all the top headlines right here!

PS4 Firmware 2.0

A social-focused update that delivers the all-important Youtube app, which will allow you to upload your PS4-made videos directly to the platform, players will also be able to get their hands on the Share Play function that was shown with the PS4’s very first reveal. Share Play means you can let someone else with a PS4 take over your play session through the interwebs, virtually “passing over” your controller as well as allowing them to just watch you play.

Journey, The Unfinished Swan come to PS4

Two of the titles leading the “games are art” debate are getting upscaled and ported to the new generation. Journey has a bafta-nominated soundtrack and both games are something a little out of the ordinary, but in the best and most satisfying way. If you haven’t played these yet it’s a great chance to experience some truly breathtaking gaming but even if you have, these are the kind of games you want to see at their prettiest. Both games came from Sony’s Santa Monica studio, with Tricky Pixel set to port Journey and Armature working on The Unfinished Swan.


Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, debuted the below video of his new IP. You can play as pretty much any of the creatures on show and yay, look a tiny wolf cub, d’awww. This looks great because there’s not enough nature in gaming and nature is pretty rad. There’s not much info on gameplay but you can expect more details to emerge soon.


Day Z Comes to PS4 If you’ve not heard of it, DayZ is a brilliant zombie-survival game where – wait come back! Yes, there are too many zombie games in the world but this title is one of the reasons we’ve got so many “survival” games coming out of the woodworks and it’s brilliant emergent gameplay means you can sink hours in to dodging the undead. Originally a mod of super-serious military FPS ARMA, the mod became so popular it earned a standalone release, which is now heading to PS4 with bells and whistles. To see what the brilliance of DayZ is about just google “DayZ stories”. It’s amazing.

Until Dawn Ergh, teen horror movies are so boring and predictable right? WRONG! In this new horror title from, erm, the creators of Little Big Planet on Vita, you call the shots on who lives and who dies as they zip through all those old cliches. YOU decide, booms the tagline. Almost as if YOU are killing them. If that turns out to be the big end-game plot twist, you heard it here first.

Hellblade Teaser From Ninja Theory, creator of Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and DMC (the reboot), comes this trailer involving a new heroin who looks damn cool and how is it possible that I want to play this based on so very little? Have a watch to see what I mean!

Farcry 4 lets you share with friends  Exclusive to PS4, the open-world shooty-fest will give you 10 keys to hand out to people on your friends list. These keys will give your friend two hours of playtime so they can get stuck in with you. It’s a very cool way to give out demo’s and although it’s doubtful you’ll be able to give the same friend more than one key, it’s still a great idea and pretty generous stuff by the micro-transaction standards of today. Here’s a nice video on the subject:

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