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GAMES NEWS: H1Z1 Airdrops Detailed

H1Z1 Airdrop  2014

You can question the wisdom of continuing development of a game largely considered a clone of a hit PC title, especially when you’ve recently announced a port of that beloved game, but Sony are clearly planning on hedging their bets.

H1Z1 could well be a great zombie-survival game on it’s own right – it’s certainly got some great ideas. Below is a video of the Airdrops feature. You’ll be able to call for carepackages to be dropped from the sky using in game currency, but as this is a survival game things aren’t that simple. Once you’ve spotted where your package is headed, you’ll need to keep close tabs on it’s path earthward and bust a move to the drop zone. The great part is that any other player can swoop in and grab your package, meaning your box of goodies is a beacon of opportunity for looters eager to get something for nothing.

It’s bound to start some interesting fights and the frustration of losing an expensive bit of kit to a murderous player could prove a unique element for a game which is already struggling to differentiate itself.

Whether you want to opt for H1Z1 or DayZ is likely to come down to how much polish you like with your apocalypse, as the often brilliant DayZ is criticised for being slow to add new features and updates, whereas H1Z1 is backed by the financial grunt of Sony Online Entertainment. It’s a potentially interesting experiment in indie vs a more traditional studio set up, but either way there’s bound to be something on the PS4 to fill the zombie-survival-gaming needs of everyone who has binged their way through every series of The Walking Dead recently.

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