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Pokemon + Tekken = Pokken

There’s a new Pokemon game coming out! There’s a new game that runs the Tekken engine coming out!

They are the same game. You couldn’t make this up. In a shock move, the Nintendo super-franchise has announced a collaboration with Team Tekken and launching soon in Japanese arcades is Pokken Tournament. The video shows Machamp and Lucario facing off and there’s a weird blend of pokemon-esque attacks and the more martial arts based movement you’d expect from a Tekken title.

Team Tekken have had a different collaboration in the pipeline for some time now, but news on Tekken X Street Fighter is scarce. It’s now expected some time in 2015 on latest gen consoles, but seeing as the excellent flip-side version by Capcom, Street Fighter X Tekken, came out back in 2012, it feels a bit late. Maybe throwing down with some Pokemon will be better than seeing Ryu and co populate the third dimension to take on Kazuya and the insane cast of the Tekken universe. Maybe.

Namco Bandai are also developing Tekken 7 after a trailer was hashed together following a leak a couple of months ago, so signs are looking good for fighter fans who have so far had slim pickings on their new-gen consoles.

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