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GAME NEWS | Xbox One Sheds Kinect, Incurs Pleasing Price Drop


Good news everybody! Microsoft are now backpedalling on autopilot! I suppose, as their core audience, we must have collectively sounded like a broken record these past 12 months, and now it seems MS are going back on what they’ve said without us even needing to tell them! I say we; I know I didn’t say anything about not having Kinect in the box, but maybe you guys did. Anyway.

Just today, Microsoft officially announced that the Xbox One would be filing for divorce and splitting up with its partner in crime, its loyal associate that beams videos of you doing whatever disgusting things it is you do in your room, back to their head office. Or the NSA. Or whoever fancies a mooch. Yes the once ‘integral’ Kinect, is now no longer quite the necessity it once appeared, as Microsoft has stated it will be selling the Xbox One on its lonesome, from the 9th of June.

Of course this incurs a slight snip of the old price tag, a happy coincidence which we can quite brazenly presume to be the chief thrust of the operation. It brings the console down to a salaciously competitive £349, knocking fifty big ones off the original bundle.

The Xbox One’s Kinect will be available to purchase on its own from ‘autumn’. Precise.

Personally, we always considered the Kinect a valuable addition to the Xbox One experience. Not for the arm flailing, hailing-a-bus-simulators, or for gathering the family round the telly for an evening of Who Can Knock the Tall Standing Lamp Over, but for the voice recognition, and impressing visitors by pretending you were in the Minority Report. Or like, the DOS version of Minority Report. It took the Xbox One £50 above its competitor, but then, you were actually getting something extra, as Sony’s offering doesn’t come with the camera. Still. At least now we get the option of having or not having round-the-clock surveillance in our living rooms.

So where does this leave you on the new-gen console debate? Was this the final nudge that will send you plummeting into Xboxdom, are you a devout, through and through Playstation Person, or are you caught up in next-gen purgatory, unable to bring yourself to buy a new console, whilst simultaneously reluctant to purchase games for the older machines? It’s a hard old life isn’t it. Stick a comment below and let us know you lot.

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