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GAME NEWS | Humble Bundle Goes Daily for the Next Fortnight


We know you probably don’t need any more cheap PC games; if you’re anything like us your Steam account is crammed full of games you’ve never even heard of, you frequently go to make a purchase and realise you already own that game, and your wallet has had the seasonal Steam sales beaten into its inanimate perception somehow causing it to cower and quiver as sale time approaches. If you’ve got a Humble Bundle account, there’s a large chance it’s in a similar state of bountiful disarray. If you’ve not, well, brace yourself.

The Humble Bundle is a beautiful concept. These days it’s broken down into three separate categories equating to monthly bundles, weekly bundles and its persistent online store. The meat of the matter is in two forms; firstly you pay whatever you want for the entire bundle, and secondly you can decide how much goes to charity, the developers, and the friendly folk at Humble Bundle Towers. Magical.

The big news today however, is that for the next fortnight, the monthly bundle becomes a daily bundle, and salacious gaming greats are to be jammed forcefully into your salivating mouth at a rate you may find difficult to digest. But like Boris Johnson at a  breakfast buffet, you should voraciously tear into this spread until human limitations physically restrict you from carrying on.

At the time of writing the excellent, life-consuming space sim X3 Terran Conflict stands alongside Universe Sandbox and Kinetic Void; while yesterday’s Deep Silver Bundle included Saints Row and Dead Island collections. Aren’t you lot spoilt eh.

Jump on over to the page and have yourself a good old butchers at these unmissable deals if you please boys and girls, and make sure you check back every day for more.

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