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EP REVIEW: The Moth & The Flame – &


The Moth & The Flame may be a familiar name for many of you reading this, with new release & creating a huge amount of hype leading them to recently supporting Imagine Dragons throughout their European tour.

Produced by Joey Waronker known for being a successful drummer alongside bands such as Atoms for Peace and Beck adds a very clear difference to this release with the production being slicker to previous TM&TF work adding his own touches to make this release refined and sharp.

First track and lead single Sorry has already received support from MTV and Radio 1, for this catchy number shines with an infectious beat. Setting the tone for this release lyrics such as “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done” sung emotively by Brandon Robbins packs a true punch. Bringing the groove to the track it’s an upbeat number getting the EP off to a flying start.

A smooth transition into track Winsome takes us into a new direction, with a strong 80’s feel hidden within it the electronic vibes ring out loud and clear. Lacking the punch needed to make this release stand out which seemingly comes due to the minimalistic lyrics. The intricate tribal rhythms and pulsating basslines make an intriguing musical line.

With our excitement for the release suffering a dip, Silver Tongue brings it back stronger than ever. Hooking our attention from the word go we’re thrown back into the deep end with a heavier drum line than previously heard.  Flaunting a mid-track breakdown it’s a psychotic scene leaving us unaware of where we’re being taken. Adding a new dimension to the track is a dash of wind sounds and child chatter keeping our attention undivided from beginning to end.

Standing out without a doubt for being the best track on the release is Monster, stronger and punchier from the onset a dramatic scene is set. Thrown together with a darker vibe the intensity at point feels as if you’re trapped wanting to break out of the box. Chaotic guitar lines and bouncing drum progression it’s sharp and one of the best we’ve heard in a very long time.

Final track Holy War is completely different to everything we’ve heard before it’s hauntingly beautiful to new unreached levels. Mixed with organ chords and strings in their bucket loads a shiver is sent down our spine throughout the track. Robbins vocals excel on this track to make a very moving track which no doubt the trio could soon be known for.

This release proves just why this trio are gaining the love their getting. Packed with catchy tracks whilst flaunting their emotive song writing style their music is quite simply an art form. With twists and turns throughout the release you’re hooked and probably will be for a very long time.


Standout Track: Monster

For Fans Of: Atoms for Peace, Joy Division and Coldplay

Written By: Nicola Craig

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