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GAME NEWS | Far Cry: The Wild Expedition Compilation Incoming

Far Cry: The Wild Expedition

Far Cry is aggressively descending upon us all once again, this time in a celebratory fashion, as it dons a party hat and prepares to drop all FOUR iterations of its eyeballicious series, including the very first one, in to one delectable box! Hooray. The occasion? A little TEN year anniversary that, if you’re anything like us, is making you feel suddenly very old.  The best news of course, is those four games of varying quality (from near miss to nigh-on perfection) come at the bargain price of £29.99 and it’ll be on shelves as soon as 14th February! Hooray again!

So, what exactly is involved in Far Cry: The Wild Expedition? If your hand leapt with buoyant enthusiasm into the air begging to answer the question, simmer yourself down, this is our show. However, if you were wishing to say, every Far Cry release, detailing a HD remake of the first, the oft-questioned second, the magnificent third and the downloadable 80’s parodical extravaganza that was Blood Dragon, you’d be absolutely correct! So well done.

Better still, if you were wise enough to hare down to your local games vendor the very moment Far Cry 3 inched its way nervously onto the nearest shelf, you can bag yourself aforementioned HD remake of the first Far Cry game as a standalone download from XBLA and PSN a few days earlier than the boxed compendium release, on the 12th of February!

And whilst there’s little doubt the second game didn’t quite live up to the expectations set by the now classic first entry in the series, it DID come with an impossibly malleable level editor, which gave us hours of out-of-campaign fun. At any rate, the package is worth it for Far Cry 3 alone, an absolute must-play in our book, and with its side-splitting, jaunty 80’s retro sidekick Blood Dragon joining in on the fun, you’d be stark raving to miss out on this one. Probably.

What do you think to the Far Cry series? Was two enough to put you off? Did you fall in love with the first game’s intoxicating tropical island setting from the off? Or did you need all those three-decade-old movie references and a VHS style presentation to get your kicks? As always, stick a comment below and let us know!



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