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EP REVIEW: Funeral for a Friend – Between Order and Model (Re-issue)


Funeral for a Friend have been at the forefront for emotive hardcore since 2003, with their first EP release Between Order and Model launching into them success that has lasted a decade and has seen them tour across the world playing enormous venues. Now, to mark the anniversary of that EP, FFAF are taking things back to their routes, revisiting where they began and re-working the original tracks that soundtracked so many of our lives.

The re-issue of Between Order and Model features the four original tracks, 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations, Juno, Red is the New Black and The Art of American Football. All remastered by Joe Gibb of Mighty Atom, they’ve been tweaked and remixed to offer a much cleaner, more high definition sound with just a hint of freshness about them to give the EP the boost and sound that each of the tracks truly deserves.

As well as including live versions of each of the original EP tracks, (taken from their live shows over the summer), a few alternative versions of older tracks and b-sides have been thrown in for good measure. Grand Central Station really takes you back to the old Funeral for a Friend that we grew to love, with Matt Davies‘ vocals raw and the emotive power that finds itself in many FFAF tracks is a prominent feature. Storytelling Pt.2 offers a continuation to the original Storytelling that features on 2003’s Casually Dressed and in Deep Conversation,  while The Getaway Plan, originally a b-side from Juneau Pt.1 offers an insight for newer fans as to how the band started. With the beefy guitar chords and heavy drum patterns that lead into breakdowns – the sound of a little Welsh punk band just trying to make music to pass the time.

Funeral for a Friend have made it clear that the re-issue of Between Order and Model is all about revisiting the era that began the career they could only have dreamed of. For long-term fans to remember why they fell in love with the band in the first place and for the late additions to take note of where everything started for the band. It’s a nice treat to round off an excellent year for music, something to show all the new and exciting bands, to prove how if you believe in your music then you too, can be successful.

The re-issue of Between Order and Model is available on CD as well as a limited edition coloured 12″ vinyl through End Hits Records as of 15th November 2013. 


Standout Tracks: Juno, Red is the New Black

For Fans Of: Alexisonfire, Fightstar and when you’re feeling a bit nostalgic.

Written By: Tamsyn Wilce 

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