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ALBUM REVIEW: Ajenda – Unrecognizable


Ajenda have recently released their first album – titled Unrecognizable – and the best way to describe it would be Halestorm light mixed in with some Carrie Underwood country and a touch of Pink. A strange combination indeed and one we thought would sound ridiculous. Well…we were completely wrong with that assumption!

The album starts off with Dirty Rock N Roll; this sets the scene perfectly and showcases Jen’s vocals, and it instantly reminds us of Lzzy Hale of Halestorm both share that husky/raspy voice and have that guitar and drum combo backing them up. It’s instantly catchy and straight away it’s clear that this band is something special.

Things only got better with the second track Tattoo; it starts off with a gentle piano before bringing in a contrasting heavier sound, before revering back to the gentle piano. In some ways it’s a Jekyll and Hyde track (but in a good way!). Tattoo becomes heavy when Jen sings “don’t mention love”  and then switched to the softer lyrics when she remembers the softer times with this ex-partner – “I’d love to redraw the stars and flowers of your tattoo/mixed up emotions all lead back to you”.

Lost love seems to be one of the main themes of the album, and is portrayed so, so well in Fragile; the track is done just with guitars and has vocals from guitarist Gavin to back up Jen. They both sing about a relationship coming to an end and it’s easily the most emotional track of the album, with the lack of instruments really emphasises the emotions at play.

Of course every rock album these days has to have a standout ballad and Ajenda are no different, with their instantly likeable track Otherside – it’s slightly softer and if you listen to it properly, quite sad – “Just behind the silver lining/is where you’ll find me/playing poker with the angels” – and we instantly decided this would be our track of the album. And again it follows the lost love theme.

Ajenda are in a strange place when it comes to defining their genre. They’re not quite heavy enough to be classed as a hard rock band, but at the same time they’re too heavy to be a commercial radio listener favourite – all it takes is a quick look at the album charts and aside from Avenged Sevenfold being at the top, how many other rock bands are on it, more specifically how many female fronted rock bands are on it? We’d love to see Ajenda do well and if they can carve out this niche for themselves, we’re convinced that with time they will be chart-toppers – this is a band that we think can do very well and we encourage our listeners to seek out this album and give it a listen.

Case in point being out of a ten track album we’ve had a hard time picking just 3 standout tracks.


Standout Tracks: Tattoo, Otherside, Fragile

For Fans of: Halestorm, Pink, Carrie Underwood

Written by: Omar Malick

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