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MUSIC NEWS: The Almighty Reschedule Re-Issues For January 2014

The Almighty

Initially scheduled for release on the 30th September, the first two The Almighty re-issues – Blood, Fire & Love and Soul Destruction – have been rescheduled for release on the 20th January 2014.

The reasoning behind the reschedule is to make the new versions as complete as possible, giving extra attention to the band’s earlier work. Having originally been a part of Polydor, The Almighty are now joining Spinefarm Records who will be co-ordinating the re-issue.

The records will appear beneath the RE-F**KIN’-ISSUES banner and will be followed by further releases a couple of months later.

The re-issues will all contain bonus content including live, studio, remix and acoustic versions of tracks, as well as liner notes, special packaging and track-by-track commentary.

There has also been talk of live Almighty shows featuring original members, as well as a brand new studio album!


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