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Starting in 2007, Redfest has become a brilliant festival in the fields of Redhill, which cater for everyone’s musical taste. We went down to find out what the commotion was all about and we had a pleasant surprise (and lots of sunshine!) over the two days.

We start the day with something little more subtle with Rokhsan, a beautiful young and talented singer/songwriter from Guilford, who captured the Boileroom stage. She played to a relaxed audience, tapping their fingers and toes, which left her feeling a bit uneasy “am I boring you? Come on I need you to be a bit more rowdy”, signally a supportive cheer. A beautiful and natural voice filled the tent, whilst Rokhsan play a variety of funky and chilled out self written tracks. A shining talent and a breath of fresh air. 9/10

Next up on the HYPE. stage are Palm Reader, who had the crowd nicely warmed up and ready to throw those fists in the air. Battling against the heat inside the tent, a toast was proposed for a ‘song about drinking’. Carrying massive energy, a still moment was not captured between the lads. Boasting menacing riffs enough to rip the head off your shoulders, Seeing And Believing Are Two Different Things sent the crowd into a circle pit, and Josh Redrup can’t help but jump in the crowd and join in the fun! 8/10

With a fan base that is proving to become an impressive size, Idiom hit the HYPE. stage with impressive vocals from front man Matt Sharland. Fighting against other  acts playing at the same time, they received a brilliant reception as dedicated fans could be seen shouting their every word. Spine shivering build ups lead to mammoth beats , one thing led to another and Matt was in the circle pit…there seems to be a recurring theme here! 8/10

It was a treat to have Heart In Hand also on the HYPE. stage, doing what they do best. A large crowd flocked to see the lads perform their rowdy set. Charlie’s roaring voice was second to none and the reception was reflected in the equally dedicated audience. Their ability to inspire and engage their audience was exceptional, something that they keep up with every show. 8/10

Bury Tomorrow, well, to no surprise they knocked every single person off their feet with a brutal awakening to the stage with Lionheart. Crammed full of absolute bangers, the set list was top class, leaving everyone with satisfied looks on their faces. Redeemer saw a sea of people on shoulders and You & I was the signal for an all girl mosh pit (awesome!). Bury Tomorrow consistently play a flawless set, perfect for closing the HYPE. stage. Come back next year? 10/10

And so it was onto Saturday. The James Cleaver Quintet have risen in popularity since their cover of Feeder’s Buck Rogers was featured on a rock enthused Lucozade advert in 2011. So with the crowd already on their side they gathered to watch the slightly eccentric band, although the rain pouring down mid set may have also had something to do with it too. The HYPE. stage tent was full to the brim at times, however their set left mixed reviews with their weird time signatures proving a little too much for some of the attendees. However if you’ve seen the JCQ live before and you know what to expect from the ostentatious sounds and up-tempo drive then you won’t have been disappointed at all. 6/10

Taking a break from the heavy thumps of the HYPE. stage we wandered over to the BlackStar Amplification stage to catch Loveable Rogues. Shooting to fame after reaching the final of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 the boys pull out all the stops to keep the crowd smiling. That’s the thing with this band; they really are harmlessly good fun, where the ukulele’s they use add soothing tones to the summery feel of the festival. Of course everyone is waiting for their hit single Lovesick, which receives hip shaking moves from slightly embarrassing older family members. You can see now that the band was definitely booked to please the parents. 6/10

Saturday night headliners Bastille are the festivals closing act, with excitement sweeping the crowd as the band of the moment arrive on stage. Opening with Bad Blood the band have set things off to a good start with Dan Smith charismatically enchanting everyone with his beautiful voice. With the charm of a pop band but with the added edginess of a rock band these guys have nailed it with being able to attract the masses. Apprehensive of witnessing another mainstream band disappoint in a live environment Bastille prove they are more than capable of putting on an entertaining and poetically emotive set. 8/10

Written By: Amy Gravelle and Laura Herbert

Photos By: Graham Berry

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