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EP REVIEW: One Minute Silence – Fragmented Armageddon

one minute silence

After a 10 year absence from the music scene, British rap metal group One Minute Silence have returned with a brand new EP in tow. The new 6-song album, named Fragmented Armageddon sees fresh material and the first since 2003’s One Lie Fits All, with two brand new tracks making an appearance. It will feature new drummer Martin Davies, with Yap, Glen and Massy all back to making this EP highly anticipated amongst the OMS fans, does this album deliver as much?

Opening track Fruit From The Lie does not disappoint those old school fans, its slow burning intro eventually erupts into a heavy hitting chorus, highlighting a true return to form. The aggressive rap vocals are still ever present from Brian ‘Yap’ Barry, with this song being backed by a distorted guitar riff which is reminiscent of the nu-metal era. Up next we get another taste of brand new music from these guys, in the form of track Pandemic Schizophrenia which could be confused for a track from their debut album Available In All Colours. Its high octane feel has a sharp delivery and it’s the kind of track that will get you bouncing up and down on the spot; the new drummer definitely has brought some re-invigoration with this band and you get the sense they are hungry for more success.

The next four tracks of the album, see old tracks re-worked or remixed, which would invoke younger audiences to get into this band. We get a reworked edition of You So Much As Move – which was originally on the One Lie album – and it’s nice to hear the track take a more laid back feel. It’s carried by a soothing riff, giving a calmer feel.

We then get to see the band experimenting with new ideas as Fruit From The Lie gets a Ben Hurd remix, with the track to take on a dose of dubstep,  allowing the band to reach out to a different audience. With dubstep’s popularity, it’s good to see the band coming back and trying to change things up a bit.  One Minute Silence’s very own Massy remixes the next track as he turns You So Much As Move into a  darker sounding track, turning its more laid back feel into  one of utter carnage and chaos. The EP is concluded with the acoustic track Early Morning, which allows the EP to finish off with a calming effect to see you off from an album that has generally been in your face.

Overall it’s a very strong return from the OMS guys, however it’s a shame we could not hear more new tracks than remixes; maybe they have them in reserve for a full length album in the future maybe? Lets hope so. However that said the band will definitely keep their old  fans happy and will probably entice more fans in at the same time.


For Fans Of: earthtone9, Pitchshifter

Standout Track: Fruit From The Lie

Written By: James Hingle

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