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ALBUM REVIEW: No Consequence – IO

no consequence

It’s been a long four years since the debut release from tech metallers No Consequence. But this time the wait has been worth it. Expectations were set high from the debut but fortunately most expectations were surpassed.

Technically complex riffs are in abundance, they fill every track and don’t even try to keep up with a bit of head banging at home – you won’t manage it. Either that or you’ll literally lose your head! Opener So Close To Nowhere pretty much sums up the album with more chugs, more fast paced riffs and more brutally than most metal bands can muster in a whole album. It’s disjointed in the positive sense of the word, and part way through it totally switches to that of melody with clean vocals from Kaan Tasan but it isn’t long before the metal tendencies begin to creep back in. Every track has the ability to creep backwards and forwards in a metamorphosis of epic proportions.

You can not predict how any track on IO is actually going to sound all you can guarantee is more intensity than anything else you’ll find out there at the moment. Every guitar riffs bring the perfect mixture of complexity and power especially through tracks such as Name Your Price and Enemy of Logic. Fortunately No Consequence are far far more than a glorified guitar project, when everything comes together from Collin Bentham’s controlled smashing drums to Kaan’s polar opposite vocals you find a band who truly know what they’re doing. They aren’t out to just show off they’re out there to make bloody great music. Their technically ability to blend technically complexity to make catchy songs is a talent to be proud of.

53 second long instrumental track Ether will leave you in a hazy daydream filled. The track will lull you in, leave you peaceful before ripping everything out from underneath you when Bury The Debt kicks in which couldn’t be further along the scale if it tried. Fans of breakdowns and head banging will definitely not be disappointed but the technical brilliance throughout the album shows that they aren’t out there to just be as brutal as they can, they want to be a versatile band that will stick around.

The UK music scene is in abundance of heavy music it’s hard for most bands to be different but if No Consequence carry on producing albums like IO then they may well be hailed as champions of the new wave of tech.


For Fans Of: Killswitch Engage & Dillinger Escape Plan

Standout Track: Bury the Debt & So Close To Nowhere

Reviewed by: Rhian Westbury

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