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ALBUM REVIEW: Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes


Half Moon Run are the definition of mellow with this delightfully melodic album. After recently giving their single Full Circle a top score, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.

Full Circle is the first track on the album and Call Me In The Afternoon follows on nicely, instantly providing us with another addictive tune that gives us a sudden urge to run out into the sunshine and dance around because hey, life is good. The minute the song starts, Devon Portielje’s edgy vocals draw us in. It’s a voice rife with emotion and it has a distinct quality that sets this band apart from the other hundreds of acoustic guitar wielding indie bands. It’s the sort of voice that means you will immediately know who you’re listening to and this is crucial in this genre, as bands like Alt-J and Bombay Bicycle Club were quick to discover.

No More Losing the War is more melancholy, using the fragile element of a gentle plucking guitar and soft vocals to set a more somber tone.

She Wants to Know is rhythmic with a brooding guitar riff, subtle piano notes and clattering drums to hold it all together. Again we find ourselves singing along on the second listen. Each song is a perfectly balanced blend of different elements with a bewitching outcome. Need It is a love song through and through with heartfelt harmonies. At this point it might be worth mentioning that these truly gorgeous three-part harmonies are something that every band should strive for. It’s sonic perfection.

Give Up and Drug You are extremely similar to Radiohead but that’s not to say that they don’t hold their own here. Judgement is sandwiched between these with a more poppy electric guitar which proves to be less atmospheric and more of a filler. The twanging electric guitar returns in Nerve, a track which would border on average despite a twisting groove and a catchy chorus but it has the potential to grow on us.

Fire Escape and 21 Gun Salute end the album on a high as both songs are complex in different ways. Fire Escape’s atmospheric layers paired with a smooth harmonica and haunting vocals are captivating, whilst 21 Gun Salute ebbs and flows, building up into a complicated blend of instruments, vocals and electronic elements before returning to a purely electronic sound.

Dark Eyes is euphoric, interesting and brilliantly put-together. We advise you to keep an eye out for this Canadian rock outfit, because this definitely won’t be the last you hear of them. After a stunning debut album, we expect great things to follow.


For Fans of: Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Alt-J

Standout Tracks: Full Circle, Call Me in the Afternoon, Drug You, 21 Gun Salute

Written By: Alice Hudson

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