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ALBUM REVIEW: Bleed From Within – Uprising


Glaswegian metallers Bleed From Within have had a turbulent few years but are set for the straight and narrow after their latest release Uprising. This actually marks their third release but may be the first time a lot of people have paid any attention to them. This may be a good thing because this album is leaps and bounds ahead of previous efforts.

Whether you would call opener III an actual track or a mere introduction to the band we don’t know, but at just a minute in length and no real lyrics it provides a slow but steady pathway into the album. It paves a way for the first ‘proper’ track Coloney with it’s ripping buzzing riffs and big vocals. Scott Kennedy has ditched his death core squealing vocals and progressed to a throaty growl that sound even heavier.

Although Bleed From Within stick heavily to the stereotypical metal core genre with deep heavy breakdowns and growling vocals this isn’t to say it’s a bad or even generic album. There are a few tracks which sound similar but this really is the only criticism of the album. Fortunately the production of Uprising is far superior than it’s processors: every ounce of production sounds big with plenty of fist-pumping, body moving moments. The album isn’t just about the speed and brutality of the music but is precise, tight and technical. Despite this it doesn’t lose the metal edge that will make you want to scream the house down!

Even on slower tracks like Strive the riffs are still heavy and it doesn’t let up. As Kennedy screams “we stand together as one” it’s clear this band are tighter than ever. Lives in Me and title track Uprising have the type of breakdowns which without the traditional chugging might well reduce you to a sweat just sat at home with your headphones on. Just imagine a live set! We’ve seen and you’re in for a treat.

The three year delay between albums in this case was a blessing as it has given the band chance to mature their sound and find themselves. What they are playing may not be original but how it’s played is bloody brilliant. Bleed From Within have taken a step towards the forefront of 21st century metal with Uprising.


Standout Tracks: I Am Oblivion and Escape Yourself

For Fans Of: Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, While She Sleeps

Written by: Rhian Westbury

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