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EP REVIEW: Harts – Offtime


Australian solo artist Harts describes his music as indie rock, electro dance and funk. Yep, that all about sums it up and his latest EP, Offtime, is a really infectious result of bedroom jamming and sampling which was all then mixed by Lars Stalfors of The Mars Volta.

The first few seconds of the opening track make you wonder what the hell you’ve pressed play on. Over the top sultry words with a couple of keys in the background. Hmm. Give it a moment though, The Music kicks into a poptastic, synthy, guitar riff laden, bassy and saxy (yup, sAxy) big-beats dance tune. Harts’ vocals are lovely, just lovely. Even the high pitched backing that is laid over the top, you can’t help but like it, in a Mika kinda way. The teeny tiny shredding section followed by some harder beats is glorious, then what can only be described as a sunshine-like melody belts out.

Back To The Shore is a summery sing along that has more of a indie feel and stronger, clearer guitar sounds. The vocals seem to have more ‘shout’ and passion about them which makes for a punchier track. This would be the perfect soundtrack to any festival destined drive this year, love it.

All Too Real  is bassline driven with an overlay of backing vocals which make it a little fluffy around the edges. Slightly too cheesy with a really flat 80s feel and this makes it feel like the filler track on the EP sadly. Even with an overly processed guitar solo in the middle, it’s weak. It needs more weight behind it to make a real lasting dent in our earholes.

Vampire has so many layers to it. It should be confusing and a right mish-mash… but it’s a great track that will go down well at the indie discos (they still have them… right?).  Punchy, with a REALLY infectious chorus and very bassy. Slightly reminiscent of Phoenix in parts – but dancier! “So tell me, what do you desire?” just melts away. Beautiful.

Offtime is a disco pop tune that is very, very Prince inspired. From the guitar solo late on (that is the best of any on the EP), the little coughs before the lyrics hit, the high pitched vocals before the more mellow chorus lines, to the disco sound, to the repetitive ending with great drumming sounds.  Awesome.

If you like electro pop but want it with a little more edge and more guitar sounds that aren’t too overly processed throughout, this Aussie may be your answer.  It will be interesting to see how he carries off his bedroom 5-track tunes up on the stage though.


Stand Out Track: Offtime or Back To The Shore

For fans of: Chromeo, Prince, Mika, Phoenix

Written by: Kayleigh Watson

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