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EP REVIEW: Crossfaith – Zion


The Japanese electronicore five-piece, better known as Crossfaith, have finally released Zion in the UK through Search And Destroy Records. After a jammed packed tour of Australia with Soundwave, and plans to play Warped Tour in it’s entirety, the prolific bunch are set for big things in 2013.

Zion explodes into action with the powerful Monolith. A synth-heavy introduction catches you and then drops you into a spiraling pit of full-throttle metalcore. It’s fast, it’s heavy and is as catchy as anything that is very catchy. The peppering of dubstep elements in the opening track leave the listener gasping for more. And more is duly given.

More synth, more guitars, and more headbanging come hand in hand with second track Photosphere. Unfortunately not much on the EP can compare to the opening track, but they attempt to do so. On this six-track release, which acts as way to bide the industry over for their fourthcoming third album, we see the band explore the amalgamation of genres that is becoming a huge craze of late.

The gutsy bellows of vocalist Kenta Koie dominate in Jägerbomb. Combine this with the old school metal riffs, slower groove and a dash of electronica, and you have another great Crossfaith jam. Penultimate track Dialogue harbours a slower house-like beat with no vocals. Unusual territory you may say, but combined with breakdowns and plenty of ‘wob’, it works as a palate cleanser.

It may not be an easy genre to tackle, but, however they are managing it, Crossfaith are doing a pretty good job. Definitely worth a listen.


Standout Track: Monolith

For Fans of: Pantera, Slipknot, The Prodigy

Written by: Lizzi Hart

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