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ALBUM REVIEW: Rita Ora – Ora


Since Rita Ora hit the airwaves with her smash hit Hot Right Now- which saw her collaborating with megastar producer DJ Fresh- it’s been difficult to keep our eyes off this feisty young females blonde curls, red lips and saucy, chart topping hits. Pinned as the UK’s version of Rihanna, we stuck her debut record Ora into our sound systems to see if she has what it takes to take over from her urban predecessor.

Ora begins with Facemelt, a minute and a half of… something? It’s a bit too long to be an intro, yet too short to make a full song, we’re not quite sure why it’s there and there’s no real structure to it. It certainly didn’t make our face melt. Random introduction aside, the album then swings into Roc The Life, this is where the album truly starts and, after a full listen, is one of the best tracks off the whole record. It’s got a powerful, punchy drum beat and more of a grungy vibe about it, as grungy as pop music can get. Rita’s vocals are sultry and the track really sets off the album, which follows on with the more recent hits How We Do (Party), R.I.P, Radioactive and Shine Ya Light.

All of the singles so far have catapulted Rita right into the charts, they continue the edgy, party sound that Roc The Life began with and we’d be highly surprised if you hadn’t heard any of these tracks recently and found yourself singing along. They’re catchy without being annoying and have just a sprinkle of sexiness in them without being too naughty.

The second half of the album is slightly disappointing however, the pulsating beats are still there and her vocals are still strong, but they lack potential to be the strongest tracks on the album, with collaborations from the likes of J.Cole and, who we all know never does much for making inspiring music. Uneasy sounds like it’s being sung by a 12 year old girl, not a sassy twenty two year old and the final tracks Been Lying and Hello, Hi, Goodbye offer mellow, piano based melodies, which do show off Ora’s vocal achievements, but bring you down a bit after such a great start to the album.

A debut record is difficult to produce though, you have to pick the songs that will best represent you and the sound you are trying to create and develop. What this record shows is how Rita Ora is still growing as an artist and playing around with certain styles to discover which work best. We would just maybe to suggest to stick with making the brilliant pop hits as seen in the first half of the album.

Be right back, we’re going to go party and bullshit.


Standout Tracks: Roc The Life, Radioactive

For Fans Of: Rihanna, Beyonce, Tinie Tempah

Written By: Tamsyn Wilce

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