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ALBUM REVIEW: Motionless In White – Infamous

Motionless In White Nov 2012

Re-releases don’t tend to have much impact over in the UK. For Motionless In White though, the re-issue of Creatures got them noticed. The band’s image is an acquired taste, but their previous music didn’t seem to reflect much of their visual influences as they travelled cautiously along the metalcore tracks. Their Second album Infamous is a change of line, or a total derailing, depending on how you approach the junction.

Starting off with the haunting piano introduction of Black Damask (The Fog), the album quickly erupts into the style of metal we expect from Chris Motionless and co.: it’s rapid, it’s dark and its keys are chilling to the bone. The same applies to the first single Devil’s Night, where their stimulating breed of Manson-meets-Slipknot really begins to take form; the allegretto guitar verses are very reminiscent of Psychosocial, yet the vocal distortions create a distinct industrial vibe that matches their appearance.

All that’s great about Motionless In White reaches optimum in If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It. Featuring Bleeding Through’s Brendan Schieppati, the band clasp his vocal strengths and weave them into their own innovative web to create the ideal soundtrack for a classic horror film.

But unfortunately, all that’s not great about Motionless In White gives Infamous a sour taste. Chris’ vocals ruin a handful of tracks – notably The Divine Infection, Hatefuck, and title-track Infamous – by unflatteringly imitating Marilyn Manson and his signature ways. This time around, they’ve try too hard to fit their image rather than develop the sound that brought them recognition, which really sends the album off course as a result.

To embrace their horror movie interests, Infamous really is a strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It’s truly remarkable in the way that they sprinkle their metal with a powder of gothic and industrial trademarks like on Devil’s Night, but the madness shines through in their unoriginal, outdated Manson-esque recreations. It’s a shame; they could have had so much more to offer.


Standout Tracks: Black Damask (The Fog), Devil’s Night

For Fans Of: Marilyn Manson

Written by Matt Borucki

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