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TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Fanny Wang launches new headphones

Fanny WangFanny Wang has launched a cool new set of headphones, that are both stylish but don’t compromise on sound quality and performance.

The new ranges of headphones come in a whole host of new colours and features, such as an In-line microphone, a bass boost feature and superior build quality. The ranges of colours the headphones come in are stylish and they are also comfortable enough to wear all day while the sound quality is enough to rival some of the top tier headphone brands.

The headphones have been designed by both technology and fashion experts and the different styles – in ear; on ear and over ear – with the top range models containing Active Noise Cancelling Technology as well as a duo jack so that you can listen to the music with a friend. The in line mic also allows the user to change volume, pause and play music, skip tracks and even answer calls when connected to a phone.

The colours include matt colours and the design of each pair is truly unique. From the 1000 On Ear series, that offers crystal clear sounds without over doing the bass to the 2000 DJ series, which is over ear and come with a 6dB bass boost and a built in Watt solid state headphone amp, means that there really is something for everyone. The range also includes the 3000 Over Ears which has  four-way active noise cancelling technology, where by a signal is generated to stop any interfering noise. The technology for this headphone is very high-tech and is a must have for any music or technology fans. The final headphones in the set are the Wang Buds which come in a silicon design that sit just outside your ear. These ear buds come with a tiny Tweeter and Woofer in planted, as well as super-sized air chambers to really get the bass thumping.

Prices start from £69.95 and go up to £249.95, with pairs being available to buy from Comet, Amazon,, Asda, Costco and The Headphone Company.

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