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ALBUM REVIEW: Slydigs – Never To Be Tamed


On first listen, Slydigs’ debut album counjours images of Northern industrial towns, populated by messy-haired and bearded trendy boys in tight trousers and checked shirts. A quick Google search confirms this– Slydigs are all of the above.

Although this genre is heavily saturated with this common image, there’s something refreshing in Slydigs’ sound. They combine catchy guitar riffs, echoing drums and haunting guitar licks to great effect. Lead singer Dean Fairhurst’s grainy and gritty vocals are both quirky and interesting. The beat creeps up on you like the ghosts of new wave past, mixing seventies glam, eighties lyricism, and noughties rock. There’s enough energy there to keep the listener interested but not so much that it feels unnatural or pretentious.

The influences of bands ranging from The Rolling Stones to The Stone Roses can be heard throughout Never To Be Tamed. The Love That Keeps On Giving is a catchy track that will be stuck in the listeners head for days. Wait Forever will have the listener tapping their toe while single Electric Love is sure to be a real stand out track when performed live. Final track Ain’t No Place Like Nowhere demonstrates a stunning vocal performance from Fairhurst as well as an addictive quality which will leave the listener wanting more.

Simply put, the songs on Never To Be Tamed are punchy and to the point. They are just fun, guitar based rock songs. Slydigs have the potential to be a real hit if they manage to break away from the instantly arising, in your face stereotypes.

Rating: 9/10

Standout Tracks: The Love That Keeps On Giving, I Can’t Wait Forver

For Fans Of: The Fratellis, Jet, Stone Roses

Written by Lisa Fox

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