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ALBUM REVIEW: The Pressure Cell – Fragile Things EP

The Pressure CellThe Pressure Cell are a London based four piece with a very unique sound. Fragile Things is their second EP, which was released earlier this month, and contains the beautiful vocals of Nicola Jackson, alongside the rest of the band: Producer/writer DM Kruger; guitarist Dan Phillips; and drummer James Gambold.

Fragile Things starts the four-song EP in style, with Jackson’s hauntingly beautiful vocals coming in with the line ‘save your disguises’. This distinct sounding opener immediately lets the listener know that the EP is something different to all the mainstream music out there and that they’re in for something special.

Obsessions immediately follows in a similar path. Despite the more pop sound, it’s still a unique song and will clearly become a firm favourite of fans. Again, it’s sung very well and the backing music from the rest of the band fits in absolutely perfectly. The chorus has a soft, yet catchy, beat to it and is a song that is bound to bring fans to the band.

Look Around You has a slightly faster pace to it and has Jackson’s vocals at their peak. This song particularly shows the range the band can do and picks up the EP before the finale, Horizons, which is a clear highlight. It has an edgier sound, filled with very strong vocals, and altogether, it sounds incredible.

The Pressure Cell are a very talented band with a great alternative sound. Each song on Fragile Things is very well put together and the unique sound will bound to be hit.


Stand out Track: Horizon

For Fans Of: Kate Bush, Florence and the Machine

Written by Sherin Malick

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