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ALBUM REVIEW: Gun – Break the Silence


‘Break the Silence’ does exactly what it says on the tin, with large summer anthems like ‘Butcher Man’ and ’14 Stations’ opening with impressive force, mixing modern rock with a classic vibe that shows how Gun have just about mastered breaking into the modern music scene. It’s got the sort of tracks that you could imagine driving along to down a sunny road- ‘Bad Things’ in particular is one of the more upbeat and feel-good songs in the track listing which comes in towards the end of the album, picking it up after it starts to stumble after the opening.

There’s no doubt that you can tell these guys were around in the 80’s, and it’s nice to see that they can bring their old style to a newer take on their music. ‘How Many Roads’ for instance is a ballad that slows the entire album down but stays true to their taste, and however much we may not enjoy it, shows how they aren’t compromising their music any time soon.

Title track ‘Break the Silence’ is catchy but builds up to a chorus that is fairly flat, which pretty much summarises the album. It’s got some good songs and starts to build up momentum, only to fall back a few paces with weaker and bland tracks. It is feel-good, but it fades into the background… which probably isn’t the best foot to start on with a reunion.

Keep an eye out for Break the Silence on the 8th of July anyway, there may be some surprises- If you did like the single ‘Last train from Central’ then there is no doubt that you’ll love the rest of the album!


Standout Track: Caught In the Middle, Bad Things

For Fans of: White Lies

Written by: Kiera Sherlock

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