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SINGLE: Architects – Devil’s Island

architects_devilsislandArchitects return with their latest single Devil’s Island, and from the looks of it they’ve hit the jackpot again. This single seems to encompass the new direction they took with “The Here and Now” whilst looking back on “Hollow Crown”, and the result is definitely something pleasing.

The song starts slowly with front man Sam Carter reciting the haunting yet poignant lyrics: “This is your country/This is your home/Here is the house where you grew up alone.” layered over a guitar pick that chimes completely with the mood those words cast. Suddenly the guitars are sweeping and epic, the drums kick into life, and the change in tempo is nothing but break neck. Carter’s raw, gut-wrenching vocals come through as he spits his message out with unbridled vigor, and an undeniable talent that has clearly matured since “Hollow Crown”. Everything that there is to like about this track grows on you, the more you listen to it, and by the fourth play we’re hooked.

The Track is sweeping and melodic in parts, whilst bursting with high tempo and visceral raw energy in others. It’s a fantastic track, and completely what you want from the band. The only criticisms could be that they’ve gone back to fan favorite track “Hollow Crown”, and just followed the recipe for a truly epic song. The other being that it just seems that this song will be even better live, when the band can let loose and run away with it. New and old fans alike will love this track.  It’s the band back at their best, and while some might sneer at the song for delivering a message about the riots that happened in the summer. We think this shows just how much this band has yet to give us. We can’t wait to hear this one live.


Written by: J.J. Nattrass

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