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me-vs-heroWho doesn’t love a little harmless following here and there? Me Vs Hero, that’s who. The Blackpoolian quintet are less than keen to drop the breadcrumb trail left by so many of their Twitterpated peers. But by some twist of fate, BTN were invited onto their Mystery Machine to delve deep into the mind of frontman Sam Thompson only to learn what the enigmatic pop-core pioneers think about stalkers, sunnies and social networks.

Hi Sam. So you front the band Me Vs Hero, otherwise one of us in the wrong place…

No, we’re good. I am the singer in Me Vs Hero.

Excellent. Researching you guys is fun. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot about you online, your Facebook and other social media are pretty fat free on the bio side. What’s with the big mystery?

We’ve always been more about listening to music. I mean if you really dig deep you can find out some stuff about us but we like our personal space and our personal lives. I don’t want everyone knowing where I live or what dogs I’ve got or what my favourite food is.

What dogs do you have?

Now you’re asking! I’ve got a little terrier called Polly. We had an Alsatian called him Gizmo. Water was his favourite thing so it’s not really the best reason to call him it because obviously the other one hated it.

Generally bands put loads up on their page and are all about tweeting every second of the day which gets a little tired so you have a refreshing view.

Who cares? It doesn’t matter to me unless your music’s good. Basically, we just want people to come to our page and check out our music, not ask about who we are. We put our whole album up there for free so you could listen to the whole thing and not really care who we are so long as you like the music. Unless you’re a crazy stalker fan! But if you’re a crazy stalker fan you’re gonna find out that stuff anyway. I just didn’t want to make it easy for everyone. I like to make it hard, make it a challenge.

If you’re gonna stalk…

Be good at it! I just don’t wanna make it easy for you. You can do it properly if you’re gonna be a stalker. Either smack me over the head or don’t bother. If you’re not even going to try, stalkers, then don’t bother at all.

OK so you don’t want people knowing anything about Me Vs Hero. Completely ignoring that, could sum up Me Vs Hero’s history please?

We started off in the summer of 2007. At the time my Dad had a really big nice house where we lived, it was a really hot summer so I lived there with my friends. Dad pissed off to France with his other family so we had the house for the whole summer. It was amazing. I was in a band with our old guitarist, Alex (McCulloch), who passed away a couple of years ago sadly. I was writing some songs, he had a band name. We were chatting on MSN then got together and started jamming a little bit. I have been best mates with Mike, our bassist, since high school and he liked the songs and demos. We showed them to Ollie, he was our old drummer who’s just left. He really liked them so he quit uni. He was doing drum stuff at uni, learning to drum better. I can barely hit a drum.

Sam, if you threw a drum at a drum would you hit the drum?

Depends how close I was to the other drum. If it was that door over there, well, I’d probably not even be able to throw that far.

How do you want to be remembered?

I don’t want to be forgotten yet. We’ve only just begun. But I want to be remembered as the man who can’t drum or throw drums very well but likes Nandos. I dunno we’re all having a bit of fun.

Me Vs Hero hail from Blackpool where there’s obviously a lot of Americans influencing your heavily American pop-punk sound. Some sort of pop-core apparently. What on earth is pop-core?

It’s a new genre, you can actually call it easy core or pop core. It’s pop punk with an infusion of metal with beatdowns. Now you know exactly what pop core is, people. I don’t really suppose that it’s there is a lot of Americans in Blackpool as much as everyone in Blackpool wants to be American.

Do you want to be American?

I DO want to be American. Actually you know what, I don’t want to be American I just want to live in America.

What state would you live in?


Cliche, alright let’s carry on. Do you love or loathe these genre tags, pop-core, pop-punk or even ragga-metal if you’re Skindred?

Ummm, Ragga-metal. Reggae-corn ha! I guess I’m indifferent. I’m not really fussed when people put a tag on it. So many bands go under the umbrella of pop-punk that you call someone pop-core or easy-core you know it’s something like pop-punk with beatdowns.

It helps putting tags on it so you know exactly what type of music it actually is but I’ve got no feelings towards it. I still call it pop-punk. I just like pop-punk.

As self confessed sun worshippers, what keeps Me Vs Hero so darn sunny?

What keeps us so sunny? Sunbeds. We love to tan up all the time. Ey! Stop looking at my tan, you! Me personally, I hate rain. I hate gloomy stuff like winter. I don’t like being cold. I just like sun. It makes me really happy.

What won’t you be living without this summer?

Shorts, pop-punk and water, you can’t live without water. I love aviators too. We went out in Europe with Glamour Of The Kill. In Frankfurt there was this dude outside H&M selling sunglasses. He was like “No, you won’t get them anywhere cheaper. Ten Euros.” He was holding a gobsmackingly big deck of sunglasses so I figured I’d buy a pair to make his load a bit lighter. We went in H&M, turns out their sunglasses are half the price but twice as good. Mine had all this blue tacky stuff that had been left on it, and were full of scratches. They were good in H&M though.

Half The Price, Twice As Good? Hello next album name.

Half The Price, twice as good? Jesus christ that’s a good name for an album!

Where will we see Me Vs Hero sporting their sunnies and shorts this summer? Any festivals you absolutely cannot wait to do?

We’re doing Hevy Fest. We’re doing Relentless Boardmasters in Newquay. And obviously the best one is Sonisphere. We’ll see you all there on the Sunday.

What’s the worst festival or show you’ve ever done?

We’ve just done a headline tour and some of the shows were really good, like London for example was really really good, maybe my favourite show we’ve ever done. But on the flip side, a few days before that we played a show in High Wycombe which was really not promoted well. It was in a weird room and the most awkward I’ve ever felt. It was like playing inside Hard Rock Cafe with tables everywhere. It was weird. I felt bad for the crowd really because we were really awkward on stage. I didn’t really enjoy it at all.

With festival season and impending deathly hangovers looming, what are your top tips for hangover salvation?

My top tip would be to drink as much water as you can before you go to bed. If you can remember, do it because I never can remember. Waking up with dry mouth and a sore throat is the worst thing when you’re singing on tour, it ruins your throat. Other than that, sleep through it. Stay in your bed and don’t wake up. A dark room and a fan always wins. No, not a stalker-fan fanning me. Imagine you woke up and a crazy fan was there like: ‘How’s your hangover?’ ‘It’s fucking gone! I’m not hungover, I’m totally ok! What are you watching me for? I was just sleeping.’ Yeah, that’s the cure for a hangover: a dark room with a fan, a real life person. A bit of fear never hurt anyone did it?

Replace the hangover with blind fear. Sound advice.

Words by Jessica Acreman

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