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ALBUM: Blackfield, Welcome to my DNA

blackfield_welcometomydnaSteven Wilson is nothing short of a musical maverick. Turning his hand to a variety of styles from Progressive Metal and space rock with main band Porcupine Tree, via a guest appearance on ‘The Fountain’ by Pendulum to the sometimes serene, sometimes eerie duo Blackfield with Aviv Geffen.

Welcome To My DNA is their third album, a full four years after Blackfield II, and this one is no less diverse. Starting with the Pink Floyd­-esque Glass House, the record meanders through the musical styles that Wilson has made his name with. A bit of piano and strings based pop on ‘Dissolving Into The Night’ gives way to a folk metal feel in ‘Blood’. And there’s plenty of electro pop and soft rock along the way. It is another masterpiece. Most importantly, however, it feels like a Blackfield album. There are elements of other projects and bands, but it is a mix of the influences of both men, though more Geffen who wrote most of the songs, to produce something quite special and unique.

As usual, Wilson’s voice is instantly recognisable, sweet and soft against a similar feel in the backing. It sets the mood throughout for that sense of odd calm, especially when harmonising with Geffen’s slightly gruffer melodies. Closing track ‘DNA’ shows this to great effect, rounding off the album beautifully, and in Go to Hell with angry lyrics “Fuck you all” flowing better than they perhaps should.

It is what you’d expect from people who clearly love music, and loves what they do. Wilson and Geffen are great examples of musicians who are out there producing music they really enjoy, not just looking for a trend to cash in on.  With a tour coming up in April, it’d be a good idea to go see this amazing duo.

Stand out track: Go To Hell

For Fans of: Porcupine Tree


Iain Currie

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  1. Rahul says:

    Totally agree with your review and want to you to mention Oxygen, which is also a truly amazing song. Actually Aviv Geffen wrote most of the album as Wilsob was busy with his 2nd solo album.
    Could you write revieww for their previous two albums also? Would be great!

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