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Trash Talk – Eyes & Nines

trashtalkeyesninesTrash Talk are renowned for their intense, violent live performances, helping to earn them the title “the most dangerous band in music”. It’s not wholly undeserved as anyone who has ever seen frontman Lee Spielman in action will tell you but dangerous may be pushing it – they’re not really doing anything differently to 95% of the hardcore bands out there.

Their compilation album ‘Shame’ saw them smash our 28 songs in 29 minutes and ‘Eyes & Nines’ was produced in a similar vein. Short and sharp seems to be the order of the day when it comes to Trash Talk, probably how they squeeze in recording around their non stop touring. Comprised of 10 songs in just 17 minutes you can tear through ‘Eyes & Nines’ quickly, feeling like your head’s taken a beating.

The album demonstrates the band’s knowledge of more than just hardcore, in fact it feels more like a metal album in places. ‘Flesh & Blood’ is thrashy, ‘Hash Wednesday’ is doom from start to finish (and also the longest song on the album) and ‘Explode’ has some of the most melodic old school metal riffs on the album. ‘Explode’ is also notable for it’s guest vocal from Matt Caughthran of fellow hardcore stalwarts The Bronx. The two bands also share a producer Joby J Ford and his influence can definitely be heard. But most of the genre experimentation is over in the first half of the album and ‘Rabbit Hole’ and the title track ‘Eyes & Nines’ definitely smack of that traditional hardcore sound.

‘Eyes & Nines’ is an album that allows listeners to really see what Trash Talk are capable of on a more technical level than ever before. It’s raw, it’s dirty but it’s Trash Talk in a nutshell. A 17 minute nutshell.

Standout track: ‘Explode’

For fans of: Dead Swans


Written by: Sarah Isaacs

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