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Tweak Bird, Tweak Bird

tweakbirdIllinois brothers Caleb and Ashton Bird make up Tweak Bird. They’ve been described as Jazz Metal but ‘Tweak Bird’, their self titled debut album, can’t really be pinned down so easily. It’s more psychedelic than jazz, there’s an air of folk to it but it’s still enveloped in heavy drums and Hendrix guitars. It’s like the soundtrack to a modern day remake of The Wickerman (a good one, with no Nicholas Cage), written by Black Sabbath on acid.

Although their 2008 EP ‘Reservations’ has a more accessible sound, ‘Tweak Bird’ is a more accomplished album, really showing off what the brothers Bird are capable of. Each song lures you into a false sense of metal security and then slowly the obscure (for a metal album anyway) instruments are introduced; chimes, flutes, saxophones, harmonicas, ‘Round Tripping’ even features what sounds like a laser gun. It’s not a vocal heavy album by any stretch of the imagination but the high, nasally vocals that do appear are very reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne. Just compare ‘Lights In Lines’ to ‘Iron Man’.

Despite being a short album it still features two purely instrumental tracks ‘Round Tripping’ and ‘Hazement In The Basement’ which, if nothing else, both sum up Tweak Bird’s sound, albeit in very different ways. The distortion of classic metal into a retro trip on the former and a sountrack to a dream (or in this case nightmare) on the latter.

‘Tweak Bird’ is an enjoyable mind-fuck of an album. What makes it so listenable despite all of its experimental layers is that it’s grounded by strong drums and great guitar riffs which never stop being the focus. If you like one song then you’ll like them all.

Standout track: ‘Tunneling Through

For fans of: Black Sabbath, Rush, White Stripes


Written by: Sarah Isaacs

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