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Mini album: While She Sleeps – The North Stands for Nothing

whileshesleeps2010Sheffield melodic metallers While She Sleeps are aiming to hit a saturated underground market hard and fast with this, their self produced, debut mini album, ‘The North Stands for Nothing’ out on 26th July on Smalltown Records.  And it sounds massive! The 6 tracks and 2 interludes (including a beautiful piano intro) of pure driving drums and edgy guitars, coupled with Lawrence Taylor’s visceral screaming certainly make for stimulating listening. There’s something in here for most appreciators of the alternative metal sound; beefy as fuck riffs, rousing hardcore beat downs, crashing drums, tasty bass lines, and some rather rowdy, brutal vocals. Okay so you could name me a dozen bands this sounds like right? The beauty of this band lies in their ability to appeal to metal, hardcore and metalcore fans alike. ‘The North Stands for Nothing’ is a well produced blend of aural pleasure that is food for the metal masses yet manages to hold onto a perfect balance of melody and mayhem. Stand out songs are opening title track and the crushingly delightful ‘Crows’, the official video for which is due imminently. If you’re a fan of bands like Architects and Bury Tomorrow you will doubtless like this a lot. If there was one criticism to make it would be that by the time this has played all the way through you may well find yourself cursing that it just isn’t long enough. The North Stands for Nothing? I think it bloody well does judging by this!


Words and photo: Marianne Harris

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