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Senser – How To Do Battle

Senser – How To Do Battle

Rewind to the mid nineties and the mere mention of the name Senser would bring an enthusiastic response from true rock fans. They took the UK by storm with their debut album ‘Stacked Up’ in 1994, their eclectic influences and aggressive sound combined with their politically charged lyrics drew comparisons to the likes of the mighty Rage Against The Machine. An excellent debut album and an impressive touring resume seemed to be the beginning of something great for Senser. Unfortunately, friction and musical differences reared their ugly heads, and the band gently fell away, a couple more releases then band was all but forgotten. After what’s been years in the wilderness, what started as whispers has grown into excited chatter about ‘How To Do Battle’, the new album from Senser.

‘Wake Up, You’re On Fire,’ is a suitably ominous instrumental opener to the album, before the familiar heavy guitars and rhythms of ‘Resistance Now’ burst out from the stereo. ‘Brightest Rays’ takes the pace off, and provides a sweet sounding exploration of sound. ‘2 3 Clear’ begins the new assault, with a fat bassline and driving beats, and ‘End Of The World Show’ adds a guitar crunch to this theory, interrupted by ‘Dictator Bling’ with incorporates cool grooves and breaks.

The slightly disjointed ‘Smoking Paranoia’ and it’s extended outro ‘Sandhurst in Zero G’ lead into ‘So Refined’ which offers something heavy, but seems somewhat restrained. ‘Hex’ and ‘Fairytale’ play more with sounds and feel. ‘Lights Out’ injects some rock back into proceedings before ‘Arturo’ ends the album in the same vain as ‘Wake Up, You’re On Fire’ opened it.

The eclectic influences draw the music in so many different directions that ‘How To Do Battle’ becomes confused and lacks real impact. It’s hard to see this album having the same effect that their debut did fifteen years ago. That said, ‘How To Do Battle,’ like ‘Stacked Up’ before it has offered the scene something different, while ‘Resistance Now’ captured our imaginations.


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