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Twin Atlantic Laid Bare

Twin Atlantic Laid Bare

So the destined to be huge Twin Atlantic relocated to Los Angeles earlier in the year to knuckle down in a studio and record their full length debut Vivarium. We caught up with the boys to find out how they got on and how much of a culture shock it was moving from Scotland to the US. This is what they had to say…

Hey Guys, How are things going?

Sam: Very well… we are spending a lot of time in a new rehearsal space in Glasgow right now.

You were recently in LA recording the album?

Barry: Yes we were, which I can tell you was an exciting time for four boys from Glasgow. Only Craig and Ross had graced American shores before as youngsters going to Disney Land, so for all of us it was collectively our first adult trip to the real USA. It was awesome but equally daunting considering the task at hand, so it’s safe to say we were all well removed from our comfort zone. Although with none of our friends or family it lest us distraction free and really focused.

How was the whole experience?

Sam: Up and then down and the back up again to swiftly find ourselves back down pushing to go back up and in the end winning the up down battle to come out the other side most definitely up with a record we are all very proud of. Certainly hard work and an amazing opportunity that has brought us very close as a band and friends. What was the highlight? Craig: I think I speak for as all when I say that coming home with a record we’re all very proud of, as cheesy as it sounds. It was a bit of a rocky experience at times, so when we came home and listened to the songs on our own I think we all shared a similar feeling of relief and achievement. I hear there were some surreal moments like meeting Kelly Osbourne, what was the most surreal moment?

Barry: That night itself was one big extended surreal moment to be honest. Up to that point in the recording process we’d worked 14hours days with no respite so it’s fair to say were all suffering ground hog day syndrome. It was really nice just to get a night free, never mind get invited to a party at the paramount studios where Weezer and blink 182 were playing and Paris Hilton and Kelly Osbourne were hanging out. Needless to say we were very excitable and a bit speechless and yes, there was pointing and little girly screams a plenty.

Coming from Scotland and living LA for months, what would you say the distinct differences between the two?

Ross: There’s loads of differences between home and LA, some good some bad. Everything is centered around eating, we definitely noticed that. Everything is bigger, but not necessarily better. The only real difference between the two places is the location. It’s hot there, it’s cold here. You think of LA as all glamour but really it’s just a bigger, sunnier of version of Glasgow with all the same problems.

Who would you say was the hardest to live with in your time out there?

Craig: Maybe me! I like to set myself early alarms that never wake me up – and I had a two pronged phone alarm attack. Each with its own extremely painful ring tone. So everyone got awoken by my bold belief that the first peep of alarm would wake me up. It didn’t – ever.

What did you miss about home most?

Ross: I think we all missed different things about home but I know we all missed family, friends, girlfriends. Personally I missed the colour green. Sounds bizarre, but there really isn’t a lot of green. Everything is kind of burnt because of the sun and dust. And of course the obvious, Irn Bru.

Whilst in LA you all got tattoos, are they all the same? Care to share the inspiration behind any of them?

Craig: Well Sam and Ross got cool symmetrical ones that look really cool and don’t really have to be explained. I on the other hand got the word Verdugo with a question mark tattooed under my arm. It’s a really pointless story involving a man asking myself and Ross to go to a bar with him in LA for two weeks straight and us never going. Slightly regrettable to be honest! But I guess when my grandchildren ask in 50 years why I have that stupid tattoo I can say I was recording music with my 3 best friends on the other side of the world. That’ll shut them up.

How did you find the recording process out the differs from the way you have previously recorded tracks?

Ross: Previously we had recorded all our songs in about ten minutes with fifty pence. We actually had time to try things and if they didn’t work it didn’t matter, just move on to the next idea. We did pre-production for the first time too which was an eye opener. As we had slightly more time we had the liberty of being able to record really organically, with no click track and emphasis on finding different more natural sounds.

Any track names set in stone? Or general vibe to the album?

Ross: All track names decided and record named. Out September 14th – called VIVARIUM. You’ll see the track names when it’s out.

You are now signed to Red Bull Records, how is that working out for you?

Sam: So far pretty great! We are all working on the same wavelength and with our music as the driving force.

What are you touring plans for the rest of the year?

Craig: I believe from September onwards we’re going to be touring extensively until the end of the year. Nothing is set in stone yet but there’s lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline. We want to play as many shows as possible to make up for the fact we really haven’t toured much at all this year. So expect to get sick of us again soon.

You recently played download festival, how did you find the whole experience?

Barry: For a start, it was nice to be invited to play. Downloads’ festival heritage is littered with very heavy, metal orientated bands, so as a band who are keen to embrace our softer poppier side as often as our darker more aggressive one, it was an unexpected offer to be honest.As it transpired though, the day was excellent and didn’t yield any nasty surprises as we had first feared. From an outside perspective the metal world is quite a scary proposition but from the inside we realized it is actually filled with big softies. Plus we enjoyed our busiest English festival to date, which was an amazing opportunity. Hope we’ll get the chance to play it again now.

Best band you saw play there?

Craig: I only saw two bands – Journey and Flood of Red. Journey had a man who played in a covers band singing for them, and I really couldn’t get past that fact. Flood of Red on the other hand were pretty mind-blowing. Best I’ve seen them by far, spectacular stuff!

Any more festival appearances coming up you would like to share with us?

Ross: We have a couple more coming up. Just announced Belladrum festival up in the north of Scotland which we’re looking forward too, and a couple of things in Germany. We’re also playing Sonisphere at Knebworth.

Looking ahead to the next year what are your aims and goals in that period?

Barry: Our goals are simply to keep growing as a band, as musicians, as writers and as humans. To be honest, we’re constantly surprised with what our circumstance has allowed us to achieve in such a short space of time. We’ve toured with some of our favourite bands, met and worked with some awesome people, and produced some songs in a moment that we are really proud of. So for the next year, as long as we’re progressing one step at a time and not standing still, we’ll be happy.

What would you say your hopes and aspirations for the band are?

Barry: I don’t think our hopes and aspirations differ too much from most other bands out there, so there are no evil world domination plans and no quests to become trained shoalin monks. It’s clichéd but ultimately we love being in this band, so I guess we just hope for some longevity to allow us to keep doing what we love, and to work hard to let as many people hear our music as we can.

Do you have any fears or phobias? With where you don’t want the band to end up

Sam: I can safely say we will always be in control of our band so any direction we move in with be our doing… live by the sword die by the sword and all that shit.

If you were to give the band a mission statement what would it be?

Sam: Make music you are proud of and bring the poison.

Words: Ian Arnold

They boys have also posted a video online for their latest single, go look…

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